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Unsecured Business Loans
are No Collateral Loans,

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What Is An Unsecured Business Loan?

Most business owners fail to provide the required collateral for loan approval by a traditional lender and face the harsh consequences when they apply for small business loans. Many alternative lenders, like Merchant Advisors, provide unsecured loans or no collateral loans. Unlike the traditional lenders, Merchant Advisors offers unsecured business loan with less than 24-hour approval without the hassle of collateral and a perfect credit score.

The approval decision isn’t solely dependent on your valuable assets; your credit report, bank statements from three months have a significant role to play as well. Not every business owner faces severe financial circumstances, but the majority of them want external help from lenders to keep their businesses flowing. With the help of the unsecured loans, borrowers avoid the risk of exposing their valuables. No one would risk their current assets for more money. Owners try their best to save their possessions and with unsecured business loans, it’s possible.

SSo, don’t put up your house as collateral just for a loan. It is fair of the lenders to demand collateral; collateral gives confidence to the lenders. It acts as a cushion when the client fails to meet the end of the bargain.

If your business needs a quick financial fix for a short term financial need, then, the unsecured business loan is the perfect treatment.

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How Does An Unsecured Business Loan Work?

Almost all of the business loans require collateral to cover up the default, but lenders have designed unsecured business loans for entrepreneurs who don’t have any valuable possessions to offer yet. In the case of unsecured business loans, the lenders don’t ask you to provide equipment, but one way or another they will cover their expenses from your assets. They will hold you accountable for the main risk that they are taking.

Now that collateral is out of the picture; the lender will take a refined look at your credentials – credit score, annual revenue, cash flow, business plan, and multiple other metrics. The point being, if you don’t have any assets to offer as collateral, makes sure you are excelling in the other domains.

What does Merchant Advisors have to offer?

We are determined to help small business owners so that they can reach their maximum potential. If you have bad credit, we offer bad credit business loan. And if you don’t have the collateral to offer, we have designed Unsecured Business Loans to keep financial troubles away from you. We offer a variety of unsecured personal loans, including auto loans, student loans, credit card loans, and signature loans. Analyze the loan range, approval time, and repayment term so you can select the most affordable one for your small business.

The Loan Range
Max. Loan Amount

With an unsecured business loan, one can have cash up to $500,000.

Approval Time
Approval Time

Loan approval takes a day, and one can access funds in 4-5 business days.

Repayment Terms
Repayment Terms

A business owner has to face many financial hardships; to provide some comfort Merchant Advisors offers flexible payment terms.

Pros and Cons of Unsecured Business Loans

The positives and negatives of Unsecured Loans vary from business to business. If you find a couple of merits in regards to your business needs, benefit from these loans. Let’s have a closer look:

Pros of Unsecured
Business Loans

To help you make a well-informed final decision, we have jotted down some advantages of using an unsecured business loan as an ideal solution.

Fast approval!

Fast approval!

Lenders don’t ask for much when applying for an unsecured business loan; the list of the required documents is limited. As a result, lenders don’t microscopically scan your documents and don’t take much time in sharing the final verdict.

Save your assets.

Save your assets

As we have established so far, unsecured business loans don’t ask for any collateral. So it saves your house, car, or any prized possessions. The worst-case scenario, you fail to make repayments on time and end up losing your assets, but this won’t happen here. The interest rate and cost of the unsecured business loan are slightly higher than the other business loans – a noteworthy point.

Liberty to use the funds!

Liberty to use the funds!

Unsecured business loans don’t come with a strict rule book. The lender gives you complete autonomy to use the funds as you please; you can invest the money wherever you want.

Cons of Unsecured
Business Loans

Unsecured business loans have a lot of advantages, but nothing comes without a cost. There are a couple of disadvantages of unsecured business loans. Go through the negatives before making the final decision.

Flexible repayment schedule!

Flexible repayment schedule!

One of the drawbacks of short-term business loan is its frequent repayments. One has to make weekly payments depending on the schedule and the loan amount.

Varying interest rates!

Varying interest rates!

The other shortcoming of the unsecured business loan is its high rates. As the lender is not asking for collateral, the interest rate is higher than other funding options. The accelerated rate saves the lender from the damage caused by defaulters.

Personal guarantee, if not collateral!

Personal guarantee,
if not collateral!

Regardless of the kind of loan, some guarantee is still required. Here, in unsecured business loans lenders ask for a personal guarantee. In the case of any discrepancy, the borrower would be responsible, personally.

Criterion to Meet

To secure an unsecured business loan, you are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. You must be running a business for at least a year.
2. Your business must be generating an annual revenue of at least $50,000.

Meeting the required criteria?
Access the Unsecured Business Loans

Have access to unsecured business loans in three simple steps:


Tell us about your time in business, annual revenue, business plan, and fill out our online application in a couple of minutes. We use an eclectic approach; we will look at all the contributing factors other than a credit score.


If we like your application; you will hear from us in 12 hours. We will assign a dedicated financial advisor to you. We offer flexible payment terms, so, you have the liberty to select the amount of payment. Read the contract carefully before signing the dotted line.

Get Funded
Get Funded

Once the lender approves the loan, you sign the contract, and the amount is in your bank account. Use the funds to cover your financial needs and grow your business as per your dream.

Unsecured Funding for your Business

Not all business owners have adequate funds to provide collateral; many alternative lenders offer an unsecured loan. We have compiled a list of Business loans:

Confuting Unsecured Business Loans

When business owners apply for an unsecured business loan, they assume they don’t have to offer collateral. We care about our clients so we will debunk the myths one by one.

Things To Do Before Signing The Dotted Line

Now that you are here, it is evident that you don’t want to offer collateral to the traditional banks, credit unions or alternative lenders. We are here to guide you regarding the business loan that doesn’t ask for a collateral, formally. To save yourself from payment penalties, here are a couple of precautionary steps that you must exercise.

For starters, you should conduct thorough and detail-oriented research. Have a clear objective of your business.

Then, you should inspect your financial standing – credit score, credit score report, documented credit history, business tax returns, and bank statements. A stellar financial standing means more chances of loan approval and vice versa. So, make sure everything is impeccable. When filling out an application, you should enter numbers, attentively.

Lastly and more importantly, you must read the contract with open mind and eyes. If there are any probing factors, clear them out by asking your lender again and again.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have explored the primary difference between a secured and unsecured business loan and refuted the popular notions about them, you can see if an unsecured business loan is a perfect pick for your business.

As we care about the well-being of our customers and the success of their businesses, we highly recommend exercising caution.

If the whole process is still unclear, talk to our financial advisor. Our financial advisor will guide you through the whole process, making loans accessible to you.

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