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Small Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

Regardless of economic progress in recent years, women are still facing challenges in growing their businesses especially in securing working capital from banks and traditional lenders. Traditional lenders have tightened their lending criteria along with extensive documentation requirements, making it difficult for women business owners to apply for small business loans.

At Merchant Advisors, we understand the significance and aptitude of women and their role in today’s economy. We provide small business loans for women entrepreneurs to encourage them to work towards their small business goals by offering them a variety of financing options. We can free up your working capital by factoring your outstanding invoices, or by creating a customized small business loan or business line of credit solution. You also don't need a perfect credit score or collateral to get your small business loan approved.

When You Need a Small Business Loan?

Whether you’re s startup or an established business, you’ll likely need working capital from time to time for things like hiring new staff, inventory, payroll, upgrades, marketing and manage cash flow during seasonal lulls. Instead of tapping into your profits, using a small business loan can help you manage your daily business expenses while keeping your cash flow intact.

A small business loan is a great financial product to help you manage cash flow during a growth period or seasonal lulls. While applying for a small business loan, make sure to use due diligence on how you will use the funds. Getting quick access to capital is easy with Merchant Advisors small business loans for women.

Types of Small Business Loans for Women

Despite the growing number of women entrepreneurs in the small business industry, struggle and hardships persist. Fortunately, there are financing options available for women business owners to grow and succeed

Explore Your Small Business Loans for Women

How to Use a Small Business Loan for Women?

You can use a small business loan for women to cover business-related expenses. Here are some ways women can use small business loans to:

  • Purchase more inventory
  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Hiring new staff
  • Bridge cash flow gaps
  • Expand office space or locations
  • Manage cash flow during seasonal lulls
  • Launch a new marketing campaign

More Resources for Business Loans for Women

There are other resources and programs available that are geared toward women entrepreneurs’ success, including.

Grants for Women-Owned Businesses

You can also check out women-centric grants and loan programs before you apply to traditional lenders or investors. They are for women-owned businesses only, enabling women entrepreneurs to secure quick funding.

  • National Association for the Self-employed (NASE) Growth Grants

    In a nutshell: If you are a NASE member and in need of money, apply for a NASE growth grants and get cash up to $4,000.

    NASE offers multiple grants and scholarship to at least 50,000 members. Since their inauguration, they have donated $1 million to business owners. Mention your need, have a solid rationale behind it and apply for the grant.

  • Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program

    In a nutshell: Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business is a grant for small business owners who are striving to make a social and environmental impact.

    Apply for the grant and be in one of the ten recipients of this grant. If you think you are making a social and environmental positive impact in the society and have been running the business for at least three years, then you can take benefit from this grant.

  • Amber Grant

    In a nutshell: Have a dream of running a business? Pay an application fee of 15 dollars and get a grant of $2,000.

    Amber grants work in a simple manner; the authorities choose the winner on a monthly basis and pay $2,000. As compared to the business loans the amount is low but it is enough to kickstart a business. An additional $25,000 is awarded to the monthly winners. Make sure you tell a compelling story and secure the grant.

  • IdeaCafe Grant

    In a nutshell: You will get $1,000 as a grant; all you need to do is to fill an application and have a running business.

    The record shows women as the majority winner over the years. This grant has proven to be helpful for new entrepreneurs and the owners with a business idea underway.

  • #GIRLBOSS Foundation Grant

    In a nutshell: A $15,000 worth of a grant for female entrepreneurs.

    Fill out their simple application and have two opportunities once a year to get the grant. If your business revolves around design, art, and fashion domain, this loan can provide a helping hand. Fill out their application; judges assess your application on future business plans, creativity, and innovation measures. Once the panel selects you, you will get the money and an opportunity to cover multiple digital channels.

  • Open Meadows Foundation

    In a nutshell: A $2,000 worth of a grant is awarded to women entrepreneurs.

    Women are not offered equal financial opportunities as men. For the betterment of the industry and to eradicate the injustice Open Meadows Foundation does its part by offering $2,000 to business with less than $75,000 in its financial reserve.

  • The Halstead Grant

    In a nutshell: A $7,500 worth of a grant for businesswomen working in the business industry.

    Halstead Grant is a great opportunity for women working in the jewelry industry. The winner of this prestigious grant gets $7,500, and an assembled panel of judges assesses their business plans and future aspirations. If you fail to qualify for the grant, the feedback from the judges will help in the betterment of your business.

  • GrantsforWomen.org

    In a nutshell: MMultiple opportunities for women entrepreneurs from various industries are present at GrantsforWomen.org.

    This platform contains plenty of grants for women, find the one that matches your business. Apart from grants, scholarships are also available.

  • FedEx Small Business Grant

    In a nutshell: You can get a grant ranging from $7,500 - $25,500, along with free printing services.

    FedEx Small Business Grant isn’t a ‘woman only’ grant, but women are encouraged to apply. They select ten winners on a yearly basis. The person with the most effective business plan gets $25,000, and the rest will get a grant of $7,500.

    Design a stellar business plan, improve your financial standings and apply for one of the above grants. You won’t be able to access a lot of money through grants if your business requires more money, then apply for a small business loan.

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Small Business Loans for Women from Merchant Advisors

We know how frustrating it can be to choose from so many loan options. In addition, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. From business lines of credit to working capital loans, we are happy to assist women-owned businesses to access the working capital they need to sustain and grow. With Merchant Advisors, you make a loan application online and we use automated processing to assess your business information and don’t require extensive documentation. You’ll get the automated decision instantly and gain access to small business loans up to $250,000. We’re an A+ rated lender by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Why Merchant Advisors?

At Merchant Advisors, we understand your unique needs and provide customized small business loans to keep your small business progressing.