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Small Business Loans by Merchant Advisors

Running a small business is a demanding task; one has to keep up with the recent trends. As an owner, you might have to think of new ideas to maintain the customer flow and staying ahead of your rivals. Merchant Advisors provides an ample amount of financing and funding options to keep your small business running.

Our Mission

At Merchant Advisors, we offer complete freedom to our clients to use the resources, as they please, for the fast and rapid growth of the businesses. We take care of your financial problems so you can have time to focus on business management.

How Can A Small Business Loan Helps You?

• Launch a creative and innovative marketing campaign
• Renovate or remodel
• Steady cash flow
• Purchase new equipment
• Open another franchise
• Pay bills, taxes, and vendors on time
• Improved facilities
• Introduce a healthy company culture

Why is a Small Business Loan a better funding option?

One can have a steady cash flow and raise working capital by getting funds from a personal loan, trust-worthy friends and relatives or through crowd funding or angel investors. So, when these options are available, why apply for a small business loan?

Drawing the line

Personal Loan sounds like a safe idea, but in the long run, it might put a dent on your credibility. Personal finances and business don’t mix that well together. So, to run a successful and long-term business, keep these two at bay. Lastly, make a wise decision and apply for a business loan to cover your financial lacking.

Emotions and Rationale

Complete rationality is required to run a business, and having a blood relative as a business partner might cloud your judgment. At some point, external investors will feel free to give in business-related opinions, and that might conflict with your objective. Are you comfortable with this chain of events? If this bothers you, then Merchant Advisors provide a loan to help you.

Be the only Master

If you decide to go with angel investors or crowdfunding, then you might have to give up some control over your small business to the external investors. Fortunately, you don’t have to share our dream business with anyone else. Merchant Advisors provides a wide range of small business loans to cover up the financial crisis.

Merchant Advisors offer fast, personalized, and simple loan application!

Hate waiting in line outside the banks and credit unions to get approval on your loan application? Apply for a small business loan by filling out an online loan application; it will only take a couple of minutes. You don’t even have to worry about confidentiality; we have incorporated top-notch security. Clients’ information is no less than a treasure to us.

You can contact us from your cellular devices or computers for free.

Prior to applying, make sure all the prerequisites are covered.

Eligibility Criteria For Small Business Loan




Multiple Small Business Loans Options

With the advancement in the small businesses and alternative lender industry, a running & never-ending stream of small business loans are available. Choose the ones that fit your needs the best!

Quick Funding
Unsecured Business Loans

Looking for a business loan but don’t have collateral to offer, and have a history of bad credit score? ‘Merchant Advisors’ has designed these loans, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting fast access to funds to speed up their businesses growth.

So, don’t worry about offering collateral and find the perfect financial fix for your small business from the following options:

• Business Lines of Credit
• Bad Credit Business Loans
• Term Loans
• Working Capital Loans
• Merchant Cash Advances

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Improve Credit
Secured Business Loans

Looking to upgrade the equipment for your small business, or want a constant infusion of cash with the freedom to navigate the resources as you please? Apply for secured business loans; they are destined to meet your financial needs. Offer collateral to your potential alternative lender, and they will set you up for the equipment financing. Apply for a small business loan and save yourself from financial worries.

We provide many small business loans to support your financial standing:

• Equipment Financing
• Merchant Cash Advance
• SBA Loans
• Home Based Business Loans

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A Dedicated Financial Advisor
Minority Loans

Running a small business and that too as a minority is a massive hassle in this prejudiced industry. We have a long way to go – Merchant Advisors is lending a helping hand to the monitories who are facing financial crisis.

We are offering:

• Business Loans for women
• Home Based Business Loans
• Minority Business Loans

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Loyalty Benefits
Commercial and Industrial Loans

So far you might have an idea, at Merchant Advisors we don’t discriminate so we have something for everyone. If you are running a restaurant, we provide Restaurant Loans and Restaurant Equipment Leasing. So, stock up your shelves and pave your way towards prosperity and success using small business loans from us.

We provide every fact you need to know about commercial and industry-specific loans, pick the one that you think will suit your needs the best:

• Commercial Loans
• Restaurant Loans
• Restaurant Equipment Leasing

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How to choose the right small business loan?

Choosing the appropriate small business loan can be a bit tricky, but not if a Merchant Advisor is there to guide you every step of the way. You can choose from a wide range — options being: merchant financing, lines of credit, SBA loans, and secured business loans, short term loans, A/R financing, equipment leasing, and many more.

With the help of a financial advisor, you have an opportunity to discuss loan options, necessary documents, an estimate of the needed cash, and other important details. The financial advisor informs about loan policies. The advisors will guide you through the whole process — loan renewals, terms adjustments, and payments.

So, sit back and relax! Merchant Advisors’ financial experts are always on your team. Our experts work for you and strive to provide you the best services, possible. We have helped many like you, who were suffering from small business financing problems and now their businesses are flourishing.

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Our finest Small Business Loans

Here we have compiled our most compatible business loans to make the business loan search easy for you.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

An MCA provides a fast financial fix for your small business troubles. Here, the lender will give a lump sum of the capital, which you will be obligated to pay within the set period.

Max. Advance



No fixed monthly payments

Factor Fee

1.15 – 1.20


24 hours at maximum

Personal Business Loans

Are you taking upon a new venture or worried about your future expenses? Apply for a small business loan. Merchant Advisors has customized this type of loan to help small business owners.

Max. Amount


Loan Term

3 to 5 years

Interest Rates

5.99 - 36% APR


24 hours at maximum

Short Term Business Loans

The lender will lend you enough money to take care of your current financial crisis. As these loans are the short term, the borrower is obligated to repay the money earlier.

Max. Amount

$2.5K - $250K

Loan Term

3 to 18 months

Interest Rates

3 to 18 months


As fast as a day

New Business Loans

For a young business, an equipment financing or a business line of credit might be the right option. Furthermore, if you have a good credit score, the new business loan will help your small business.

Max. Amount


Loan Term

6 months to 4 years

Interest Rates

7.9 – 19.9%


In less than 2 weeks

Equipment Financing

Here, the lender will give you the cash to purchase the equipment you need. You can pay back the money till the set due time with interest and fee included..

Max. Amount

Up to 100% of the
equipment value

Loan Term

Till your equipment expires

Interest Rates

8 – 30%


48 hours

Invoice Financing

Sell your invoices to the lender, and get a portion of the invoice amount. The lender pays the remaining 20% of that amount once you clear all of the pending debt.

Max. Amount

Up to 100%

Loan Term

Until the customer pays
the invoice

Interest Rates

8 – 30%


24 hours

SBA Loan

These are low-interest loans that are guaranteed by the government. They are molded especially for business owners who have faced rejection from the traditional lenders, i.e., banks.

Max. Amount

$5K - $5M

Loan Term

5 – 25 years

Interest Rates

7.75% starting rate


As quick as 2 weeks

Looking at
‘how to apply for a Small business loan?’
From Every Angle

We have multiple options in front of us let’s explore required financial documents and the significance of rationally analyzing the said loan options.

What financial documents should you be carrying when applying for a loan application?

As per the previous pattern, the lower your credit score and the cost of your loan, the longer it will take for your application to be approved.

So, don’t slip in the melancholic pit just yet! Be prepared to face an extensive and intricate application and approval process. Lending criteria is different for every lender, but one can find common ground among all of them. To be on the safe side, have a look at the following most important financial documents that are demanded by the lenders.

How to make the right pick?

From our above discussion, you must have an idea that one can choose from more than a dozen financing options. We understand this might put a small business owner into a horrendous position.

You can’t dismiss a type of business loan because you don’t fancy its literal sound, there must be an authentic reason behind its dismissal.

We are here to make the ‘pick and choose’ play a bit easier for our clients. Remember to address the following questions and make a choice with ease.

Did you ask the lender about APR(Annual Percentage Rate)?

Usually, alternative and traditional lenders only mention interest fees. We have news for you; the loan fee is not just an interest rate. APR will give you a complete idea about the charges involved. So save the excitement, once you are satisfied with the hidden fees, then that’s a call for celebration. Watch out for the following hidden fees:

Why is Merchant Advisors the best?

We've learned a lot by working with thousands of small business owners like yourself. With Merchant Advisors, you not only get capital for your business, but also get credit resources, affordable prices, renewal benefits, early repayment savings and, best of all, peace of mind.

Quick Funding
Quick Funding

To get started, fill out a 3 step online loan application, enter your business information, and you will get a decision in a matter of an hour and funding in 24 hours.

Improve Credit
Improve Credit

Building a solid credit profile is necessary to gain funds at affordable rates. We help you with your credit by reporting it to the credit bureaus.

A Dedicated Financial Advisor
A Dedicated Financial Advisor

You will get an email, immediately, mentioning the current status of your loan. Our expert financial advisors will reach out to you; they work with business owners every day to address money related problems while running a small business.

Loyalty Benefits
Loyalty Benefits

We offer discounted fees on loan renewals and low prices exclusively on small business loans for our loyal customers. We are always ready to help now, or anytime in the future.

Final Thoughts

You have come a long way! Merchant Advisors have broken every possible shell surrounding small business loans. Take account of all the factors before making the final decision.

Last but not the least, ask yourself this question: Will I be able to make repayments on time?

Make sure you select the best and cheapest deal for yourself.