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Small business loans are crucial to the success of small businesses. With the advancement in the alternative lending industry, traditional banks are no longer the only funding option. From working capital loans to business lines of credit to accounts receivable financing, small businesses now have access to many funding options through online lenders.

Merchant Advisors is a direct online lender and offers the flexibility to create small business loans at terms that meet your specific financial needs. With our high loan approval rates, we say ‘yes’ when bank says ‘no’. With Merchant Advisors, you’ll get a dedicated financial advisor will provide you one-on-one personalized service.

There is no obligation to apply, and no collateral or a down payment required. Get a quick decision and fast funding in just 24 hours.

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While applying for a small business loan, all you need is some basic business information and a few minutes to fill the online loan application. Yes, it’s that easy!
We’ll ask for:

  • The type of industry your business operates in
  • Your business monthly revenue
  • The amount of debt your company owns
  • Your current credit score
  • The reasons for which you need a small business loan

Applying for a small business loan with us will only takes few minutes, not days like it would with traditional lenders. Why not get started and see your loan options?




  • 1 Year in Business 1 Year in Business

    Whether you’re a startup or an established business, all we want is you to be at least 6 months in business.

  • Annual Gross Sales $100,000 Annual Gross Sales

    Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we don’t ask for a lot of money to lend you a lot of money — all we want is for you to have $100,000 in annual gross sales and to be at least 6 months in business.

  • 4 Months' Bank Statements 4 Months' Bank Statements

    We only require 4 months of your recent bank statements and you can get started with a simple loan application.

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Our team of dedicated financial advisors will work with you to analyze your goals before suggesting a solution that's tailored to your financial needs.

Small Business Loan Requirements

At least 6 months in business $100,000 minimum in gross sales No open bankruptcies

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When it comes to choosing the best small business loans, Merchant Advisors offers plenty of funding options to small businesses including: merchant financing, lines of credit, SBA loans, secured business loans, short term loans, A/R financing, equipment leasing, and many more.

Choosing the right small business loan isn’t as difficult as it seems, though. When you apply for a loan with Merchant Advisors, one of our expert financial advisors will work with you every step of the process. He or she will discuss all your loan options, assist you in collecting the necessary documents, help in estimating how much cash your business needs, and keep you informed throughout the life of your loan to help you with loan renewals, terms adjustment, and make you feel relaxed and contented.

The best part about our expert financial advisors is that: they’re always on your team. They work for you and we mean that. Merchant Advisors is a group of America’s Small Business Funding Experts™ who understand when your small business needs funding – our principals have owned many small businesses before that have been in the same situation.

Choosing The Best Small Business Loan for You

With so many loan options available, which is the best fit for you?
How do you get started?

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The Merchant Advisors Advantage

We've learned a lot by working with thousands of small business owners like yourself. With Merchant Advisors, you not only get capital for your business, but also get credit resources, affordable prices, renewal benefits, early repayment savings and, best of all, peace of mind

  • Simple Application, Quick Funding

    To get started, fill out our quick 3 step online loan application, provide basic business information, and get a decision within 1 hour and funding in as little as 24 hours

  • Improve Credit

    Building a solid credit profile is important to gain quick access to financing at the best rates. We help you with your credit by reporting it to credit bureaus.

  • A Dedicated Financial Advisor

    You will get an email almost immediately with the status of your loan and our expert financial advisors will reach out to you. Our dedicated experts work with business owners like you every day to answer questions about small business loans, financial challenges and getting you the best financing for your business.

  • Loyalty Benefits

    We offer discounted fees on loan renewals and lower pricing on small business loans for our loyal customers. Because we are always ready to help you, now and in the future.