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Is a signature loan right for your needs?

Signature loans are unsecured personal loans backed only by a signed promissory note for a fixed term. A signature loan is granted to people with a strong credit record and who the lender personally knows. Signature loans are also referred to as good faith or character loans. Merchant Advisors provides you as the business owner unsecured financial services which mimic the signature loan due to competitive interest rates with fast approval times. The difference is, you do not have to be personally known to us. We help you achieve your business goals

Signature loans are momentarily attractive loans since the approval criteria are somewhat relaxed and interest rates are attractive. However, it is a subjective loan because you have to know the lender long enough to have established good credit. Not everyone personally knows their lender, and may not qualify for a signature loan.

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As lenders, we only require you to have your business at least one year and an active merchant account. Your approved loan amount is based on sales volume of your business. Plus we get paid when you get paid so the pressure of rigid monthly payments is eliminated. When a signature loan isn’t for you, we will give you your needed funds.