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What are Minority Business Loans?

Minority business loans provide an opportunity for minority business owners to get funding and grow their small businesses. SBA, micro-lenders, or non-profit companies provide Minority Business Loan.

Maximum Loan Amount
(For Business Line of Credit only)
Loan Terms
12, 18, or 14 months
On a weekly or monthly basis

How To Get The Best Minority Business Loans?

Businesses need adequate working capital to grow and carry out daily operations; funds from business loans tend to speed up the process. Getting approval on loans for minority business owners is troublesome, and the alternative lending industry is striving to provide equal opportunities to all.

Whether you’re an African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, or American Indian, you have access to Minority Business Loans. Understanding how to qualify and where you can get small business loans actually matter the most. Certainly, this isn’t a piece of cake! Small business lenders have complex funding processes and finding the best small business loan options can be a tough hunt.


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In order to secure minority business loans, you must have a credit score of 650. In addition to this, if you want to apply for an SBA loan, you must be:

Lastly, if you decide to go with an online lender, their requirement might vary a bit. Your business must have:

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Minority Small Business Loans from Merchant Advisors

At Merchant Advisors, we offer a wide range of small business loans for minorities. From traditional loans to business cash advances, the minority business owners can get the funding they need to start and grow their small businesses.

By making the small business loan application process accessible and simplistic, we make sure you only focus on what’s truly important to you—your business. We understand that time is of the essence, for small business owners, that is why we make our online loan application process simple and straightforward.

How to secure a small business loan for minorities?

There is no specific lender that provides loans for minority business owners. You can also get business funding from federal, state, local, and private lenders with customized loan options. These resources help create grants for minority business owners who are facing challenges like securing business funding, being economically deprived, or starting businesses in underprivileged communities.

Multiple Convenient Funding Options For Minority Business Owner

  • SBA 8(A)

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) program is determined to give an equal opportunity to the minority business owners who have been marginalized by the system. In order to qualify for this business funding program, 51% of your workforce must consist of people who have been suffering financially due to an unjust social and economic structure. Getting into this program gives a chance to those minority business owners to walk on the same path as the majority. This program comprises of two stages: Developmental stage for four years and the Transition stage. Getting into this program will improve the chances of approval of an SBA loan.

  • SBA Microloan

    SBA Microloan is not for the minority, in particular; $50,000 from the funding program can help you establish the foundation of your small or startup business. The Small Business Administration is not directly involved in this business funding program; a third party lender runs this program. On average, this loan program gives $13,000, and the amount is adequate to cover short-term expenses.

  • SBA Community Advantage Program

    SBA Community Advantage Program gives funds to business owners who wouldn’t qualify for a traditional loan. This program gives a perfect opportunity to get more than $200,000 from SBA 7(a) loans backed up by the government. Minority business owners can invest money in their businesses and earn more profit. SBA Community Advantage Program is open for small business owners who don’t belong to the majority but are rejected by the traditional lenders.

  • Accion Us Network

    It is a community lender that works with major lending organizations and strives to make loan approval easier for the minority. In total, they are determined to offer $300,000 to minority business owners. Their services are well-researched; they partnered up with universities and research centers to improve the standard of the offers.

  • Union Banks

    Union banks offers minority startup business loans with simple underwriting, affordable interest rates, and fast business funding. The funds can be used to strengthen the foundation of any business. Although Union Banks have a relaxed eligibility criterion if you don’t own 51% of your business or haven’t been running a business for at least two years, you don’t qualify for the loan.

  • National African American Small Business Loan Fund

    Since origin, it has offered more than $7 million to minority business owners. The low-income generating community can benefit from this offer. National African, American Small Business Loan Fund has helped women-owned businesses.

  • Business Consortium Fund Direct Loan Program

    Lenders offer this loan, especially, to immigrants and refugees. The only requirement is that you have to repay the loan on time, and have enough financial credibility. Usually, this program offers Term Loans and Line of Credit, ranging from $75,000 - $500,000.

Grant For Businesses Owned By The Minorities

If these business funding options don't solve the financial problems, then grants might help you. With a grant, an owner is not obligated to repay the money. But grants have to be consumed in a restricted manner; an owner doesn’t have liberty. Some commonly used grants are:

  • Grant Programs to Benefit Minority Health Communities

    If you are working in the health and medicine sector and are a minority, then you can benefit from this program.

  • Rural Business Opportunity Grants

    'Rural Business Opportunity' program gives up to $100,000 so that you can speed up the profits of your business. The lender designs this funding program, especially for minority-owned businesses in rural areas.

  • Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program

    This grant wasn’t specifically designed for minority-owned business by the lenders. But you are a minority and are working on a project in tribal areas then you can apply for this grant to construct a functional and long-lasting Water and Waste Disposal system.

  • Power

    POWER stands for Partnership for Opportunity, Workforce, and Economic Revitalization Initiative; President Obama initiated this program, and it offers grants to companies that want to succeed.

    If you fulfill its criteria, and you think this grant will fix the financial problems, then you must apply!

  • First Nations Development Institute

    First Nations Development Institute Grant is for Native Americans who are working in the arts and culture sectors. You will easily access this grant if you have an established project. This funding program is open for organizations that support Native American artists as well.

    If none of the above-mentioned funding options satisfy your need, have a look at these two options:

    Improving Minority Health Grant
    Entrepreneurial Assistance Program

Analyze the needs and requirements of your business and apply for one.

Alternate options for Minority Business Loans

Some minority businesses might benefit from loans and grants, while others still need some alternative financing and funding option. Here are a couple of other business funding options you can explore:

  • Invoice Financing

    Every business, regardless of whom it is owned by, has some outstanding invoices. You can earn some cash by offering those unpaid invoices to the lender. Your lender or the factor will front you approximately 80% of the worth of pending invoices. Once the borrower pays in full, the lender lends the remaining cash. Please note, the lender will subtract service charges and other fees.

  • Business Credit Card

    Borrowers who are rejected by traditional lenders often fund their businesses using business credit cards. As compared to other business funding options, a small business credit card has a higher credit limit, and a credit card has multiple rewards and benefits. In addition to this, a credit card has low APR and better transfer promotions. The qualification criteria vary from issuer to issuer. Some will solely ask for your security number while others will need a federal employer identification number and financial documents. Use the small business credit card for your benefit and earn more profit.

  • Business Line of Credit

    Running a business as a minority can be tough at times, and a business line of credit can be used to cover short-term financial needs. Revolving business line of credit will give access to never-ending credit as the account recharges once the borrower makes the repayments. The range of credit that is offered here by the lending company is far higher than the rest of the funding options.

Apply for the one that will take you out of financial problems.

Final Thoughts

A survey of 2018, stated that 45% of small business owners belong to the minority, and a significant 400% rise is found in business ownership as compared to previous years. What is the main reason behind this dramatic increase? The lending trend has shifted remarkably; the alternative lenders, business funding associations, and business grant providers are giving importance to minority business owners.

Considerable evidence is available on how providers have been unjust to the black and Hispanic community in the past. The lenders tend to ask more questions and demand more authentication to assess the financial standing and credibility of African-American business owners. They are financially weak because they don't get financial help same as white business owners. Research suggests that the minority owns 45% of small businesses, so government, banks, and alternative lenders are offering better financial help to them.

Evaluate your business needs prior to applying for minority business loans. The lending programs will segregate you in multiple sections depending on your ethnicity. Lastly, if your business is certified by Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), you are all set to apply for a loan.