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Electronic Payment Advance

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Get the working capital you need in as little as 3 business days. Our Advance is flexible, quicker to close, and requires less paperwork than a traditional loan.

Our Merchant Check Advance also referred to as an Electronic Payment Advance (EPA) is not a loan; it is an upfront lump sum cash payment against future sales or revenues collected through electronic means.

Our EPA is based on all your business receipts that are or can be converted to electronic payments, i.e., everything but cash collections

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How is this different from our traditional Merchant Cash Advance program?

Our EPA is a perfect solution for businesses that don't currently accept credit cards (or have a small amount of credit card sales to overall sales) yet receive most of their sales in the form of business and consumer checks, ACH bank transfers, and wires.

The amount a business qualifies for is based primarily on its historical monthly gross revenues, and second, average monthly electronic payment volume. This differs from a traditional business cash advance in that the amount of funding advanced is typically calculated using a business’s future credit card receipts only.

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How does MEPA compare to Medical Accounts Receivable Financing?
  • A minimum of $15,000/month in gross sales
  • No open bankruptcies
  • No more than 2 months behind on rent and must have at least 1 year remaining on the lease
  • Must be in current business at least 6 months. No startup merchants.
What are some industries that can benefit from this type of funding?
  • No PG by multiple partners (joint and several)
  • Alternative to working capital financing or leasing.
  • Lease vs. owned argument saves money on interest paid over the life.
  • Fast availability allows the physician to purchase refurbished equipment for cash payment – advantageous pricing.
  • Imaging equipment is a cash cow, but expensive to have in-house.
Legal and Accounting
Legal and Accounting
  • Replacement of receivables line of credit or contract financing
  • Practices get paid 30 – 45 days after an invoice is sent, but need to pay staff weekly or bi-weekly
  • Creates a cash crunch – owners don’t have to dip into personal accounts to pay current expenses
  • Multiple partners = multiple owners
Wholesale/Distribution /Manufacturing
  • Domestic wholesalers/manufacturers purchase overseas to increase profit margins
  • Foreign suppliers require payment in full prior to shipping
  • Increased liquidity to purchase more will result in greater sales at a higher margin
  • Flexible repayment means that deviations to shipping times, production times, delivery times will not create cash flow crunch
Many of our satisfied clients use this fast, flexible funding option as OPPORTUNITY CAPITAL to take advantage of circumstances that come along such as:
  • Purchase something you can sell for a big markup/profit
  • Purchase something that could save you more money than your spending- like buying vs. leasing equipment, or getting a big bulk purchase discount
  • It makes sense if you need the money to take advantage of an opportunity in two weeks or less
  • It makes sense if you don’t have a strong credit history that would limit your access to traditional bank funding
  • It makes sense if you don’t want to use personal assets for collateral