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Retail / Restaurant - Rates & Fees

Retail/Restaurant - Free Terminal Pro

Application Fee $0.00
Set Up Fee $0.00
Credit Card Processing Terminal/Printer-In One FREE
Terminal Replacement Program FREE
Transaction Fee $0.19
Visa/MasterCard Discount Rate* 1.59%
Statement Fee $8.95
Monthly Minimum $0.00
Batch Header Fee $0.30
American Express and Discover Set Up FREE
AmericanExpress Rate See Chart Below
Discover Rate 1.69%/$.19
Cancellation Fee NONE
Contract Terms Month to Month
Downgrades: See Explanation
One Time Enrollment Fee $98

$98 one-time enrollment fee includes

Download & merchant configuration – terminal comes pre-programmed and ready to use! Plug it in and staring processing orders immediately!

UPS shipping to any location within the U.S.

Quick start training – a representative will personally walk you through how to use your new terminal.

Free Terminal Replacement Insurance/Warranty – Should anything happen to your terminal we’ll replace it free of charge. This service is offered for the life of your account with Merchant Advisors.

American Express Rates - 3.10%-3.25% Rates apply to Retail, Restaurant, Service & Professional merchants. Rates vary based on average ticket and annual charge volume

Discover Rates

Discount Rate 1.69%
Transaction Fee $0.19
Explanation of Fees

Visa/MC Discount Rate The percentage rate assessed on the sales processed through your merchant account.

Statement Fee Included in your statement fee is your unlimited access to 24/7 merchant support to assist you with any questions you may have regarding support of your equipment, processing and billing questions. Additionally, a paper statement is mailed to you on a monthly basis detailing all your processing activity for the prior month.

Monthly Minimum A monthly minimum is the total amount of discount and transaction fees assessed to your account. You are billed only for your monthly minimum or your total fees that are assessed, whichever is greater.

Contract Term We currently have no contract term for our Free terminal program. You are free to process on a month to month basis and cancel anytime with written notice.

Batch Header Fee A fee assessed to electronically submit an accumulation or -batch- of authorized transactions for settlement and merchant funding

Downgrades Non-qualified Surcharges also known as -downgrades- are a result of transactions that are assessed higher fees from Visa and MasterCard and are passed on to the merchant. Some non-qualified surcharges occur on specific cards (i.e. Visa Signature Card, Visa Infinite Card, MasterC ard World Card, and -foreign- cards issued outside the United States ) as well as commercial cards such as Fleet Cards, Corporate Cards, GSA cards and Purchase Cards. A transaction can also be classified as non qualified if it does not contain all the attributes of a qualified transaction (i.e. batching out the same day a transaction was a uthorized, key entering a swipe transaction)

* Limitations Apply (0.0010 Visa/MasterCard assessment fee applies)

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.


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