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Business Lines of Credit Processing Rate

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Why convert to our credit card processing? We'll save you at least 10% off your current processing. If we can't, we'll pay you $50 for your time. Why would we make such an offer? We're confident we'll save you money. There's more. Since we provide better tools and more robust reporting, you'll save on labor costs as well

So how are we different? IWe educate our merchants. Helping to educate you on good merchant practices & compliance items is critical to maintaining a long term, stable processing relationship regardless of who you process with. All of our fees are fully disclosed to you and are easy to understand on your merchant reporting. Your advisor is available at your convenience whenever you need assistance. Our 24 hour merchant support center is only a phone call away.

We make billing and terms simple

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.

What are you really paying for credit card processing? Merchant processing statements can be very difficult to understand. With many providers, this is by design. They intentionally make the billing difficult in hopes that you'll give into frustration. They know you don't time to search for a new provider. Most people we've helped didn't have time to spend getting quotes. Once they learned how easy it was to switch to our service and save money, they went with us.

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for. Here's an example of confusing terms

With Merchant Advisors, you'll no longer see the following list of hidden charges in your credit card processing billing statement:

Application Fee - also know as: Discount Rate - also know as:
Account Set-up Fee Qualified Rate
Conversion Fee Bundled/Flat Rate vs. Unbundled
Installation Fee Interchange
Programming Fee Interchange Adjustment
Sign-up Fee Pass-thru
  Cost Plus
  Rate Bill-back
Statement Fee - also know as: Transaction Fee - also know as:
Customer Service Fee Item Rate
Maintenance Fee Authorization Fee
Monthly Service Fee 950 Fee
Bank Fee Capture/Settlement Fee
Account Fee Batch/Header Fee
Other Fee Global/POS-Watts Fee
  Local Auth Fee
Downgrades: See explanation

Once we contact you, we'll provide you a brief checklist of items we'll need to provide you a services analysis. It should take only 10 minutes to put this together. This would include:

Here's how we can help Pick up the phone and call us or complete our no obligation inquiry form so we can understand your needs. Previous 3 months processing statements from your current provider(s) Your - wish list - of things you-re looking for from a new provider A list of your current frustrations. A web site address or some marketing overview so we understand the business you-re in. We'll email a proposal to you within 24 hours.

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.

What's next? Once you confirm you're happy with the savings, we'll have one of our dedicated advisors walk you through a few simple forms to get you set up with an account. Within 24-72 hours we'll email you your approval/welcome email containing all necessary information you'll need to start processing live transactions with us. A dedicated advisor will help you at every step to make your transition with us smooth and seamless. Contact us now to simplify your processing and begin saving money.

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