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Every medical facility whether a general practitioner to endocrinologist and dermatologist, require a decent amount of medical and health equipment. Mostly equipment’s are costly as well as crucial while running a medical facility. Substandard, outdated, or broken medical equipment’s can lead to medical errors and poor patient care. Medical equipment loans can help you stay on top and deliver the best medical care your patients deserve.

What Are Medical Equipment Loans?

A medical equipment loan is a loan specifically designed to help medical facilities purchase the needed equipment to provide excellent patient care and services. If you have a solid earning potential, with high net worth, and stable income, you can easily qualify for medical equipment financing.

Qualifications for Equipment Financing and Leasing
6 months in business
6 months
in business
FICO score over 575
FICO score
over 575
Equipment quote from a vendor
Equipment quote
from a vendor

Types of Medical Equipment’s You Can Finance

Low value equipment and small supplies don’t qualify for financing because medical equipment finance companies want to ensure the return on their investment. Equipment that a small business owner is unable to buy outright can qualify for financing, including:

  • X-ray and other imaging equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Dental instruments
  • Hospital beds and examination tables
  • Optometry equipment
  • Dermatology equipment
  • Chiropractic equipment
  • Surgical equipment


Applying for Medical Equipment Financing

Many medical businesses turn to medical equipment financing to get the essential tools and machines they need to succeed. A medical equipment loan can help you get that essential equipment you need to grow, lower overhead costs, improve cash flow, keep state-of-the-art medical equipment and help provide quality care rapidly and competently.

The process of applying for medical equipment financing is similar to a small business loan. The following financial details are required with the loan application:

  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss statements

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are great when you need to purchase large equipment, and the best part is—the equipment itself serves as collateral for the loan—putting less risk on the lender. That means borrowers don’t have to provide any collateral or a down payment for the loan. If you need equipment financing for a medical practice loan, it’s easier to qualify for than traditional bank loans, because of its self-secured nature.

Benefits of Equipment Loans:

  • Easier qualification than term loans
  • No collateral requirement
  • You own it and no need to lease the equipment

Drawbacks of Equipment Loans:

  • Can only be used for equipment purchases
  • High interest rate for hyper-specific or outdated equipment

Why Merchant Advisors?

Medical practice industry is growing with a different range of equipment needs. At Merchant Advisors,
we understand your unique needs and provide customized medical equipment financing solutions to keep your practice progressing.