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Franchise Financing at Your Terms

The franchising industry is highly competitive and tight lending criteria from banks and traditional lenders have made it even more difficult for small business owners to access quick money. At Merchant Advisors, we understand the intricacy and time constraints small business owners have to face in securing money. Whether you are a multi-unit, a single location seeking expansion or a nationally recognized chain, Merchant Advisors can help.

We are your one-stop-shop for flexible franchise financing options. We strive to help every small business they had difficulty in securing traditional business financing or working capital from their franchisors. Our franchise business loans are specifically designed to expedite your business growth, with cash up to $1 million at competitive rates and affordable terms.

Our Simple Qualification Requirements

Time in Business 1 years
Annual Revenue $100,000 or higher
All FICO credit score accepted

Benefits of Franchise Financing

Types of Franchise Fees Involved

Opening a new franchise isn’t a piece of cake; there are multiple fees involved. Here is a breakdown of the franchise fees involved:

How to Apply for Franchise Financing

In order to apply for franchise financing, just fill our online loan application and you can get the approval decision within 24 hours. We will review your franchise financing application via our automated decision-making process. There is no hassle of lengthy paperwork or financial statements. Plus, we considered all FICO credit scores – meaning you’re still eligible even with a limited credit history.

Our franchise loans are affordable – means the initial cost is minimal, and your payments are predictable, relieving you from the stress and worry of slow sales periods.

Get the business financing solution that’s right for you

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Franchise Loans

  • Offering Collateral

    Providing collateral will help develop confidence in the lender. You will be approved for an SBA loan or a bank loan with much more ease if you offer lenders with collateral. For example, the equipment financed through Equipment Financing will itself act as collateral.

  • Personal Resources

    If you’re able to provide any personal resources to the lender, it will also help increase your chances of approval. This shows your commitment to your business and highlights your interest in franchise financing.

  • Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

    Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) gives a detailed overview of franchises. It covers all major aspects such as fee information, franchisee’s rights, and obligation. Read the fine print carefully before applying for Franchise Financing.

  • Pick a Franchise

    It’s is recommended to opt for a franchise keeping its brand value, location and history in mind. Pay a visit to the lender after you have picked a franchise.

Franchise Loans from Merchant Advisors

Merchant Advisors works with franchisees in almost every type of industry from service restaurants, automotive, fitness, to hospitality, and retail industries. Our main goal is to get you the best franchise and business financing solutions, along with our excellent customer support. Our experienced loan specialist will work closely with you throughout the loan process to get you the loan option tailored to your financial and payment needs. Our commitment to lending and serving small business owners is what makes us an accredited lender by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Why Merchant Advisors?

Merchant Advisors has helped many successful businesses through affordable franchise loans; you can be the next. Here are some of our benefits of franchise loans to convince you: