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Franchise Financing

The franchising industry is highly competitive and due to tight lending criteria; many franchise businesses are not having access to the money they need.
Whether you are a multi-unit, a single location seeking expansion or simply wants to take your business to the next level; Merchant Advisors can help.

Loan Amount

$10,000 - $5 million


In a week


6 months to 10 years

Prepare for a Franchise Loan
Application with us!

Just like every other task in life, filling a loan application requires some homework as well. Before filling out a loan application, you’ll need to prepare yourself and have some paperwork ready. Here’s a list of factors that require your attention:

Various ways to Utilize Franchise Loans

Franchise loans are used in multiple ways, such as:

  • Use the funds to open another franchise and enrich your business.
  • Funds from Franchise Loans can help you cover the franchise fees.
  • This cash can help you market and advertise your business on various platforms and channels.
  • Pay for the required and necessary upgrades and remodeling.

Types Of Franchise Fees Involved

Opening another franchise isn’t a piece of cake; multiple fees need to be covered. Franchise loan can help you with the additional cost, but first, you have to understand the types of fee. We have broken down franchise fees in the following categories:

  • Initial Franchise Fee

    You pay the initial franchise fee to enter the franchise industry allowing you to use their products and services. You will have access to their promotional material. Initial training fee and cost to access to their hardware and software are covered as well. The procedure and the characteristics of this fee might vary from lender to lender.

  • Ongoing Franchise Fees

    Once you have paid the initial fee and your business is up and running at the other location, get ready to pay the ongoing fee. It can be an intermittent fee or a percentage of the franchisee’s gross revenue. The ongoing franchise fee can vary from company to company, but on average, it can be around 5 - 6% of the franchise sales volume.

  • Royalties

    The royalty fee is to cover the cost of running operations and for the service of franchisors. Usually, this fee is some percentage of weekly, and monthly grosses.

  • Franchise Advertising Fees

    Most franchises require participation in a common advertising fund from franchisees. This is usually a fixed contribution, but can also be a percentage of the franchisee’s gross revenue. The cash form this fee will cover the cost of additional contributions, yellow pages and to fulfill other domain requirements.

  • Renewal Fee

    Franchise Disclosure Document contains all the relevant information about the additional fee.

  • Transfer Fee

    A transfer fee is imposed if you sell your franchise to another party.

    Keep all the initial, ongoing and additional fees in mind and compare the cost of applying as an independent franchise operator to the complete cost of a Franchise loan. Select the one that goes well with your business needs and financial resources.

How can I improve my chances of
approval for a Franchise Loan?

Since franchise financing is a very competitive industry and to amplify your odds of securing a Franchise Loan, we have listed some pointers below:

  • Collateral

    Offering collateral will instill some confidence in the lender. You will be approved for an SBA loan or a bank loan with much more ease if you offer them some collateral. For example, the equipment financed through Equipment Financing will itself act as collateral.

  • Personal Resources

    It is advised to present as many personal resources as possible so that your lender can applaud your dedication. This shows your commitment to your business and highlights your interest in franchise financing.

  • Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

    Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) gives a detailed overview of franchises. It covers all major aspects such as fee information, franchisee’s rights, and obligation. Read the fine print carefully before applying for Franchise Financing.

  • Pick a franchise.

    It is recommended to opt for a franchise keeping its brand value, location and history in mind. Pay a visit to the lender after you have picked a franchise.

Qualification Criteria for
Franchise Loans

Eligibility criteria for Franchise financing and loan is relaxed giving an equal opportunity to business owners with weak financial history.

Time in Business

More than 6 months

Annual Revenue

At least $120,000

Credit Score

Good, fair and poor – all are

Benefits of Merchant Advisors’
Franchise Loans

Merchant Advisors understands that business owners have a lot on their plates from meeting commitments to running their small businesses. Juggling tasks efficiently requires extra capital, which can be a cumbersome process. With Merchant Advisors, you can get that extra capital in the form of franchise financing with cash up to $500,000 completely unsecured!

Merchant Advisors has helped many successful businesses through affordable franchise loans; you can be the next. Here are some of our benefits of franchise loans to convince you:

  • 90% of loan approval rates
  • Flexible financing plans up to $1 million
  • Fixed low-monthly payments
  • 24-hour franchise loan approval
  • The easy application loan process
  • Dedicated advisors to franchise brands
  • Flexible terms for acquisitions & remodels
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Master lines for Multiple Store Owners
  • Possible tax deduction

Some of our satisfied Clients

We have provided franchise financing to many renowned businesses including:

Final Thoughts

Now you know the dos and don’ts of the Franchise Financing and have a franchise in mind, you should start filling out a loan application. Whether you pick a franchisor or go with alternative funding, be sure that you have all the required documents to offer your lender. Pay close attention to financial assets and improve your credit score to increase your chances of loan approval.

Moreover, most of our Franchise clients recommend applying for a Merchant Cash Advance, Business Line of Credit and Working Capital Loans. Any of these options can help you cover the mandatory costs, such as payroll of new employees, advertising campaigns, equipment financing, and inventory purchases. Meet these expenses without disrupting the cash flow. Assess your financial needs and approach the funding option accordingly.