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What are Fast Business Loans?

Clearly defined objectives, well-thought strategies, and financial blueprint are the main constituents of an effective business plan. But despite all of the planning, in a small business, minor shortcoming and expenses are inevitable. To keep the machine running, and yourself out of the financial difficulty, apply for a quick business loan.

As the business expenses can be unexpected sometimes, most business owners confide in traditional lenders. Moreover, the traditional lender’s loan approval process is slow and lethargic; if your business needs a quick financial fix, then this loan won’t come in handy. Fortunately, most alternative lenders are offering fast business loans.

We, Merchant Advisors, offer fast and long term financial solutions to your short term financial needs so that you can explore multiple opportunities. Small businesses need funding to tackle future projects and deal with new clients; this whole ceremony gets exhilarating with limited access to funds. With Merchant Advisors’ fast business loans, you can pump your business in the right direction.

How does Fast Business Loan works?

A Fast Business Loan can aid you in carrying out day to day operations, or fix a broken machine or streamline the cash flow. With online access, you can fill out an application in a couple of minutes.

Usually, there are two main options, either Traditional lenders or alternative lenders. Although traditional lenders have offered credit to multiple small business owners, after the economic crisis, they started giving preference to large businesses. After this, alternative lenders offered fast business loans to enrich the growth in small businesses.

Alternative lenders were nothing but revolutionary! There are a couple of primary differences between alternative and traditional lenders:

The role of

As banks are giving out loans by taking out money from people’s saving accounts, so the government needs to be vigilant. On the other hand, alternative lenders don’t come under the supervision of the government. A traditional lender has to take multiple steps to approve a loan as compared to an alternative lender.

Number of Documents
Number of

Traditional lenders will approve a loan after taking a careful scan at your documents. Usually, they ask for a fair credit score, balance sheet, business debt schedule, business, and personal tax return documents – the list never ends! But the alternative lender has few requirements, making it easier for them to analyze your financial standings.

Usage of Advanced Technology
Usage of Advanced

Alternative lenders use the most effective and fast mode of communication, and through online channels, you can access and apply for a small business loan. Their efficient mode saves time on the ends of lenders and borrowers.

Apply for Fast Business Loans in Three Steps

You can have access to a fast business loan in three simple steps:


Tell us about your time in business, annual revenue, business plan, and fill out our online application in a couple of minutes. We use an eclectic approach; we will look at all the contributing factors other than a credit score.


If we like your application, you will hear from us in less than 2 business days. As we offer flexible payment terms, you have the liberty to select the amount of payment. Read the contract carefully before signing the dotted line.

Get Funded
Get Funded

Once the lender approves a loan, and you sign the contract, the amount gets transferred to your bank account. Use the funds easily to cover your financial needs and grow your business as per your dream.

Compatible Fast Business Loans in the market

Merchant Advisors provides short-term loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, invoice factoring, and merchant cash advance.

Eligibility Criteria for Fast Business Loans

There is a certain criterion that one has to meet to qualify for a fast business loan. If you fulfill the following conditions, Merchant Advisors will give you a green signal:

  • Provide a single page application mentioning your business plan.
  • Bank statements from the last there months.
  • No offense, but no fast business loan for startup businesses.
  • Must have been running a business for at least 6 months.
  • No open bankruptcies and foreclosure.
  • 450+ credit score.
  • The bad credit score is also accepted.
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Perks of Fast Business Loans from Merchant Advisors

We value the time and dedication that customer put in their business, so we offer the best of our services.

  • Fast approval in 48 hours!
  • Simple Application with a 90% loan approval rate
  • No obligation application. No application fee. No closing costs
  • Receive funds in as little as 5 days from the time we receive your paperwork

Why are Fast Business Loans better than traditional loans?

Fast business loans from an alternative lender are better than loans from a traditional lender; here are some factors to support the claim:

How can Fast Business Loans help you?

Fast business loans can be your way out of any cash related problem. Financial problems come as a surprise, so one must prepare.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

‘Merchant Advisors’ has a remarkable record of proving financial help to small business owner from 50 states. Our lending program helps soften the blow of rejection from traditional lenders. Through our program, one can secure lending where most banks stop while retaining control of your business and meeting your business’s goals. We welcome less attractive avenues of financing with open arms.

If you are an owner of a poor credit score, you come to the right place. We have designed an affordable, simple, and flexible approach to providing working capital of $5,000 to $500,000 or more. You’ll receive the cash usually, it takes five to seven business days!

  • We offer the most competitive rates.
  • Money is wired directly to your bank by our FDIC insured partner bank.
  • A perfect fit for seasonal merchants.
  • Early payments terms are flexible.
  • You can get a loan amount up to $1,000,000.
  • Early loan pay-off is available.
  • We offer a loan to retail-oriented companies in business for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Loan interest is tax deductible.
  • The rate stays constant over the loan’s life span.
  • Easy approval for one-month-old restaurant businesses.
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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fast business loan, it is evident you need money the very instant. Don’t sign the dotted line without reading the complete contract. One might get blinded by quick access to the cash, but there is an important question to ask: Why does one need a fast business loan?

Know the needs of your business, so when money comes, you know where to invest. If you are uncertain about your financial needs, then don’t apply without thinking and analyzing every aspect. In addition to this, if you think you can’t pay off the debt from fast business loans on time, then look for another solution.

Lastly, consider all of the factors before saying yes to the lender. In most of the cases, the ideal loan is not always the cheapest. If you think you can pay off the debt easily, apply right away!