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Equipment Leasing

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Equipment Leasing

Restaurant financing is an exquisite opportunity for an establishment to sustain the working capital needs, purchase new assets and grow. As a restaurant owner, it is very important to keep up the appearance of your restaurant to make your customers happy and to stay ahead of your competition. Today’s restaurant businesses need a constant inflow of working capital to survive in these challenging economic times – especially during seasonal fluxes.

Restaurant financing is one of the hardest, but certainly not the last, hurdles you will have to go through to get your dream off the ground. We realize that restaurant owners can't afford to waste time. This is why our restaurant equipment loans are geared to work around your hectic schedule.

Merchant Advisors is a leading provider of hassle-free equipment financing and leasing at competitive rates. You can buy that new oven, a new walk-in, build out, or develop stronger marketing for your restaurant business. Our restaurant equipment loans and leasing options have less demanding requirements, quick approvals, and no closing costs or fees.

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Equipment Financing vs. Equipment Leasing

It all depends on your business requirement. If you need equipment short term, equipment financing is the right option. But if you have a long term need, a lease can be the right solution.

With equipment financing, you’ll own the equipment after the loan is repaid in full. With equipment leasing, you will use the equipment while you’re paying for it.

How Much Can Equipment Financing Cost?

When you choose for the equipment financing option, you don’t have to pay the full cost of the equipment upfront. Instead, you will pay for the equipment cost in regular installments.

With equipment loan options, you’ll have to pay more to finance the equipment than you’d pay if you purchased it completely without financing.
This settlement is for businesses that are not able to pay for large expenses up front or don’t want to consume their cash with such large purchases.

Restaurant Equipment Leasing – THE PERFECT SOLUTION

With our competitive rates, flexible terms, expert advice and quality support, you can easily focus on your restaurant growth, while letting us focus on helping you succeed. When seeking a lender for your restaurant equipment financing, you want to work with a lender that understands your business and financial needs. This way, you can get expert financing advice and funding options that are reliable, fast and suitable.

Merchant Advisor’s financial experts have extensive experience in the restaurant industry, helping mid-scale, casual dining and upscale restaurants with vehicle, equipment and software financing. We offer competitive rates, a simple online application, and 1-hour loan approval without the need for financial statements and tax returns This makes us a preferred choice for restaurant equipment financing.

We offer a wide range of equipment, vehicle, and furniture leasing and financing options without the impact of inflation. We've successfully provided equipment financing and equipment leasing to businesses like yours!

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Below are some of the types of financing we offer to restaurants:


We’ve provided thousands of restaurants with the working capital they need to maintain quality and upgrade their kitchens' equipment. Our restaurant equipment financing allows your restaurant to stay updated without any hassle. You can:

  • Keep your POS System, Credit Card Machines, etc. updated
  • Get your vehicles and location updated
  • Get flexible monthly repayments
  • Get more buyout options
  • Support your long term goals (We give free advertising in hundreds of directories just for being part of our family!)

Merchant Advisors is the restaurant equipment leasing platform that gets you the financing options you need based on your business goals and needs. We’ll take a look at your business as a human – not as a loan officer. Our lending options include:

  • Working capital loans
  • Standard business loans
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Wholesale restaurant equipment loans
  • Equipment leasing and financing
  • Sale of second-hand equipment


Our bottom line is to help your business succeed by offering unique lending options. From kitchen equipment to your POS systems, we’ll get you the funding when you need it at an affordable cost. You can count on us for.

  • Customized financing options
  • Reliable and steadfast communication
  • Outstanding customer service
  • All kinds of industry financing