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Commercial Business
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What are Commercial Loans?

A commercial loan is a type of small business loan. It’s technically a debt-based financing agreement between a lender and a small business. You get funding you need for your business growth and of course, you repay it with full interest over a period of time.

Where to Search for a Commercial Loan?

Now you’ve decided you need a commercial loan. Where do you search for commercial lending? The most common place to start is with a bank. Banks are the most common providers of small business loans. Getting a business loan from a bank is really a burdensome process. This is because since the 2007 recession, banks are reluctant to approve loans for small businesses, and are willing to only lend to businesses with perfect credit scores. If you don’t qualify for a bank loan, there are alternative lenders out there that can get you commercial loans for your small business.

Commercial Loans

Small business funding
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Business Annual Earnings
Business Annual Earnings

The first and most crucial factor a lender considers before approving a commercial loan your business is making per year. Business annual earnings is a crucial factor a lender consider before approving you for a commercial loan. They want to see constant flow of cash inflow so you can pay for operating expenses and cover your loan payments. Lenders will also require a business’ Profit & Loss Statement and tax returns to verify the revenue.

Cash in Hand
Cash in Hand

Lenders also need to know how much money you have on hand. They want to know how well you’re managing your earnings. If you have a bank balance equivalent to three months of your business’s operating expenses—including your loan payment, chances are you will qualify for commercial lending.

Time in Business
Time in Business

Time in business is another factor a lender considers when reviewing a commercial loan application. If you’ve been in business for two years or more, your chances of approval will go up. They consider startups a lot riskier.

Credit Score<
Credit Score

A personal and business credit score actually matters when it comes to funding your small business. It demonstrates how trustworthy you are as a borrower. If you can manage your personal finances effectively, it means you can manage your business finances as well. For this reason, lenders take in to account your personal credit—particularly if you’re a startup.

Why you’ll love us!

Personalized Commercial Business Loans

When your business is growing quickly and needs a constant inflow of capital, you can get a loan that is personalized to your commercial business needs. At Merchant Advisors, we offer custom-tailored commercial loans to meet your unique business needs. We offer a quick and streamlined loan application process so you can have the funds within days and not weeks. Unlike a bank loan which takes weeks or even months to process, we have an easy loan process and only ask for the necessary documentation to get you approved in just 24-hours.

Benefits of Commercial Business
  • Higher Loan Amount Higher Loan Amount

    To get started, fill out our quick 3-step online loan application, provide basic business information, get a decision in 1 hour and funding as soon as 24 hours

  • More Marketing Better Marketing

    Our commercial loans can enable you to explore new marketing opportunities and take better advantage of digital media.

  • Flexible Repayment Terms Flexible Repayment Terms

    We also provide flexible repayment terms for our commercial loans. Rather than locking you into a fixed repayment schedule, we create a custom-tailored repayment plan that will suit your business needs.

  • Higher Loan Amount Fast Loan Processing

    We process and underwrite commercial loans quickly – faster than a bank. We use online lending technology to quickly process the loan application and provide decisions in just 24-hours. Once your application is approved, you can secure the commercial funding you need.

  • Business Renovation Business Renovation

    A small change in appearance can provide a better customer experience, enhance safety and improve business efficiency. A commercial loan can enable you to make necessary renovations and give your business a new look and feel.

  • Investment Opportunities Investment Opportunities

    The bigger you are, the more you need to invest to stay competitive and run smoothly. With our commercial loans, you can invest in new opportunities like equipment purchases, technology integration, fulfill new contracts etc.

Benefits of Commercial Business Loans

Types of Commercial Loans:

Commercial Equity Loan

A line of credit to help you purchase or refinance commercial property with interest only being charged on the balance drawn.

  • Great variable interest rate
  • Loan term is reviewed at the end of 5 years
  • Loan redraw with minimum of $10,000 per redraw
Commercial Variable Rate Loan

Commercial variable rate loans have no ongoing fees and provide affordable interest rates.

  • Flexible interest rate
  • Variable loan term is 15 years
  • You can redraw a variable loan with a minimum of $10,000 per redraw
  • Pay the loan principal with interest within 5 years
  • Repayment is made by direct debit
Commercial Fixed Rate Loan

Commercial fixed rate loans also have no ongoing fees and provide affordable interest rates.

  • Flexible interest rate with terms up to 5 years
  • Fixed loan term is 20 years
  • Redraw loan at the end of the term only
  • Pay the loan principal with interest within 5 years
  • Repayment is made by direct debit
Specific Industry Commercial Loans
  • Apartment Loans – Apartment Buildings and Multi-family properties with 5 units or more.
  • Office Building Loans – Get competitive rates on office building loans.
  • Hotel Loans – Creative financing solutions to get the funding you need.
  • Retail / Strip Mall Loans – Owner occupied and investor properties
  • Industrial / Warehouse Loans – Industrial space, distribution facilities, Warehouses
  • Self-Storage Unit Loans – A growing industry with many solutions
  • Construction Loans – For qualified buyers