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Hillary Clinton Wants To Be America’s Small Business President

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were doing their best to appeal to small business owners on the campaign trail. The Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton recently rolled out what she terms a job-creating package of developments to jumpstart small business

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What Not To Tell To A Lender

When applying for a small business loan, it’s smart to keep in mind the advice to “Think twice when you decide to speak.” Regardless of what type of loan you’re searching for, you’ll improve your odds of getting your loan

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Home Based Businesses

Most small business ideas are came from inspiration, conditions, frustration or just about any reason apart from well planned idea and lots of pre-planning. What about your small home based business idea? Consequently, the process of planning, funding, commencing, running,

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Getting financing is among the greatest hindrance that small business owners usually experience, however as long as you have these four pointed out things, you will be in a good position to acquire financing for your small business quite easily.

The startup businesses deemed risky and for many small business owners navigating the rivals and getting the financing required to survive is really a major obstacle that is not easily defeated.

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