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coronavirus pandemic

Support Your Employees during the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis continues to spread rapidly around the world and its implications have left businesses counting costs. Beyond the serious implications on the healthcare industry and the people’s health, it has significantly affected businesses and the economy. Businesses need

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apply for business loan during coronavirus

The current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected small businesses across the world. Many curtail their operations, while some closed their doors temporarily without knowing the time to reinstate. This current situation has created upsetting financial burden and businesses are in

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Paycheck Protection Program

President Donald Trump has passed the CARES bill of $2 trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package into law on Friday, March 27th as support for the U.S. economy that has affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The CARES Act includes different support options

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Covid-19 Outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak on the rise, small businesses across America are struggling with sudden cash crunch during the coronavirus pandemic. More concerns are certainly appearing for small businesses across the country, and according to Goldman Sachs survey, more than

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coronavirus business loans

If you’re among those small business owners that need financial assistance because of the current coronavirus pandemic, you can apply for a business loan via the Small Business Administration’s loan program. The president of the United States has advised the SBA to made

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