According to last year holiday shopping season sales, 2015 holiday shopping trends may see increase in retail sales with increased consumers spending. The holiday season sales practically explain half of annual revenues for some retailers. Understanding the holiday shopping trends and consumer buying behavior is important. Based upon the data research, actionable strategies can help get more holiday shoppers resulting in increased business sales.

Google’s 5 Holiday Shopping Trends for 2015 also adds an advantage to track down holiday shopping trends and get a chance to win more sales and enjoy strong holiday retail sales. We listed a checklist based on the Google’s five holiday shopping trends for small business owners to fortify their holiday marketing plan for 2015.

  1. Go Digital For This Year Buyers Expedition

Time is a valuable resource for every consumer and thanks to the internet, now holiday shoppers don’t have to wait long hours in retailers’ store hours to make a purchase. Advancement in the digital world has enabled holiday shopper to become buying expert and complete their buying expedition conveniently. Therefore it is important for small businesses to go digital by having a website with social media marketing campaigns.

Google’s trends also indicted that fact that holiday shoppers are more reliant on suggestions from people they know personally. This also an indication of the consumer’s buying behavior to stumble on something unique. So, as a business owner you need to ensure that you have something interesting and innovative for holiday shoppers this year!

  1. Win Big & Think Small

Google’s trends also indicted that 29 percent more holiday shoppers from last year used Smartphone’s and tablets to explore, browse, compare and buy last year. Based on this given rise in the shopping behavior, it’s expected to rise again. Research how users search on the devices and make changes accordingly in your marketing strategy to help convert visitors into buyers. There are many things you can do online, like removing redundant clicks, use enhanced product images and views and ensure influential data and content is prominent on the website.

  1. Start Early to Finish Strong

For many consumers, the holiday shopping season never ends. According to a survey last year, nearly half of all holiday shoppers said that Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend fell lastly and not in the beginning. Many consumers are buying all year long for great holiday shopping, in order to benefit from the off-season sales.

  1. Ensure Brand Loyalty Has Fair Play

Just like brand loyalty is a reward for business owners to win buyers over and over again, the same goes for holiday shoppers too. A significantly increased number of 41 percent of holiday shoppers bought from a brand they had never purchased from before last year. This opportunity enables retailers to make brand loyalty up for grabs, by introducing their products to holiday shoppers and turning them into buyers making them loyal brand advocates.

  1. Recommendation Is The New Sale Tool

As we have already referenced the fact that today’s holiday shopper are more prone to self-educate as they decide what to buy. Whether tired from bad past experiences or disbelieving of advertising, now shoppers depend more on recommendations before making a buying decision!

For many years, studies indicated that holiday shoppers are less reliant on personal recommendations and reviews or ratings. But today’s holiday shopper are more likely to trust the recommendations from other buyers and better ratings, with many saying they would make a purchase from a brand if they have at least four of five stars rating.

Theses knowledgeable holiday marketing ideas can help boost your holiday marketing tactics! The more you understand the holiday shopper’s expedition and their buying experiences, the more likely you can attract and convert them into your consumers this year.