Contemporary Adverting

Web advertising, it’s everywhere. From those annoying pop up ads to the banner ads on every page you visit, web advertising is everywhere. Web advertising is the newspaper ad of tomorrow. For businesses with online stores, it is a must have to keep your business going online. Web advertising is what keeps your business name in front of customers. Without it, your online business wouldn’t exist.

Behind The Web Advertising

But, just what is web advertising? Web advertising has been around since the early 1990’s, when the Internet was just taking off and more businesses were going online with their products, services, and information. The first web advertising began as simple text web sites that gave product information. Over the past 15 years, web advertising has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Main search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo are some of the main players in the web advertising industry, offering great prices on advertising to small businesses to help them grow. This type of advertising allows small business owners to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Plus Points

There are plenty of benefits to web advertising. The right type of web advertising allows information about your company or product to be available to consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can simply search out your business or product, go directly to your web site, and purchase what they need or want any time, day or night. This is a big benefit to small businesses as it helps to reduce their employee costs as they don’t have to hire so many salespeople. It is also a great benefit because in the past, small businesses have only been restricted to a local area or the United States. But, with web advertising, small businesses can now go global with just a few clicks.

Control Your Endorsement

Web advertising also helps to regulate advertising that used to push small businesses out of the running as any company can pay for web advertising, unlike traditional advertising and media, where money talks. Another great plus to web advertising is the ability to track which customers see your ads and go to your site. This tracking allows a better way to connect with potential customers. When you take into account the costs of traditional media advertising, such as radio ads, television, and newspaper ads, more businesses are finding that it is cheaper and more productive to pay for web advertising.

The Drawbacks

There are limitations to web advertising though, that can cause some problems for customers and for businesses. Consumers with slower Internet connections cannot download flash banners or advertising and usually won’t get to see the ad that is in front of them for your business. Another drawback to web advertising is that customers can’t see, touch, and feel your products. For those who sell products based on sizes, consumers can’t try anything on before they buy. But, with the perks to web advertising and only a few drawbacks, most companies are finding that they just can’t make it without it.


When you are ready to check into web advertising for your business web site, start with the larger search engines first. You can usually sign up for their advertising program where you place a banner ad on your site that will show related sites and products and those other sites will show your products and advertising. There are also pay per click advertisers, email campaigns, Ad Sense from Google, banner ads, popup (although these are not recommended), and many others out there. If you are having trouble deciding on which type would suit your business best, you can always hire an advertising firm to create web advertising campaigns for your business and submit them where they are needed.


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