Are you small business is ready to LevelUp? If you are a business owner running a successful restaurant business now is the time to discover what LevelUp can do for your restaurant business. LevelUp is a mobile royalty and payment processor service offering mobile payment processing to restaurant businesses. It’s a rising company in the mobile processing industry with more than 14,000 businesses on board.

How LevelUp Works?

For restaurant businesses that accept cash as a mode of payment, LevelUp helps them get payments directly from customers’ Smartphone’s. Another major benefit of LevelUp is that you can use loyalty campaigns and run coupon to catch the attention of millions of consumers that are using LevelUp.

Why You Should Use LevelUp?

  1. Mobile Payment Processing

The facility of mobile payments processing with LevelUp is one of the greatest benefit for restaurant business owners. Using credit/debit cards with LevelUp app, customers can easily make payments. Also, it’s super easy to get started with a LevelUp which roughly takes just a minute.

  1. Detailed Consumer Analytics

With LevelUp, you can have a detailed analytics of your customer base even before signing up. The LevelUp app shares customer data enabling you understand your customers’ buying behaviors and lifestyle. This is what bigger payment processors like Visa and MasterCard don’t offer. With the available data you can review your restaurant sales and consumer traffic breakdown.

  1. Loyalty and Incentive Offerings

Another major benefit of LevelUp is that it helps save an average of $25 per month according to CNN. A big piece of this saving is used for special offers that restaurant businesses can offer to their clientele directly through the LevelUp app. It also offers loyalty rewards program which other payment processors like Square and PayPal don’t. In conclusion, the companies only pay when customer’s checkout with the LevelUp app by deducting a 25& fee for the incentive being offered.

  1. No Chargeback Hassle

LevelUp has an exclusive security model, which makes every transaction processing safely. LevelUp doesn’t require paying back chargeback’s. As an alternative, they absorb the loss payment itself. There’s no long time waiting for you to receive money in weeks or months. You will get the money the very next day.

  1. No Need Of Paper
    With the LevelUp appm you can make a transaction electronically. There’s no need to have paper receipts, making your business greener.

The mobile processing industry is growing everyday and the company like LevelUp is paving the ways. It’s time to LevelUp before your competitors do. If you’ve already tried LevelUp, share your experience with us in the comment section below.