USA’s two airlines have reported worsening losses brought about by the high cost of fuel. US Airways reported a net loss for the first quarter 2011 of 114 million dollars, more than double the 45 million dollars loss at the same time the year before.

Delta Airlines reported a loss of $318million for the first quarter. Delta said it expected to meet the higher cost of fuel by raising passenger charges and cutting its overall number of flights by 4%. Recently rival US airlines United Continental and American have both reported quarterly losses on the back of elevated fuel prices.

Delta said it intended to cover high fuel costs by raising ticket prices and reduce the total number of flights by 4%.”We believe our forceful pricing, combined with a reduction of four points for the ability of the second half of the year, we will recover the higher cost of fuel in the ticket price,” said Delta President said in a statement. Recently, rival U.S. carriers United, American and Continental have reported quarterly losses due to high fuel prices.