Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

The US government has awarded $2billion for high-speed rail in significant passageway, after Florida’s Republican governor declined the funds. The projects will boost rail services between Washington DC to Boston, as well as in the mid-west and California. Florida Governor Rick Scott cancelled a high-speed rail project in his state, fearing taxpayers there would have to fiscal support for the project in the future.

President Obama has made increasing rail services precedence. These projects will put thousands of Americans to work, save hundreds of thousands of hours for American travelers every year, and boost US built-up by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in next-generation of rail services.

The money will also improve service on traveler rail systems like New Jersey transit and the Long Island Railroad, both near New York City. In March, the Obama management rescinded a $2.4billion grant to Florida that would have developed a high-speed rail link between the cities of Tampa and Orlando , after the rejection of finances by Mr. Scot. He however said he did not want the cash-strapped state to have to pay for in service costs in the future, although state transportation officials had forecast the rail line would operate at a profit in its first year, 2015.

On the other hand, in a visit to Florida, President Obama said: “We’re not going to rest until we’ve rebuilt an economy in which… businesses are hiring again.” He announced $8billion in grants for high-speed rail developments. Mr Obama said he wanted to get Americans working on the country’s transportation.

The White House says that the high-speed rail projects will create or save thousands of jobs in engineering, manufacturing, planning and maintenance. It will create jobs immediately and it will lays the foundation for a vivacious economy in the future .Apart for the line between Boston and Washington, there are no high-speed rail routes in the US.

Thirteen rail channels in 31 states will receive funds, but only California’s plans call for trains with maximum speeds exceeding 200mph . As rail races so can your small business with small business loans .