Small businesses are continuously playing an important role in the US economy and helping US in economic growth sector. Additionally, as per the Small Business Administration (SBA), the small businesses are also known for creating jobs regularly as compared to some other large businesses.

A recent study performed by the National Small Business Association, indicates that a decline in the consumer spending, financial vagueness, as well as the cost of health insurance are the major reasons of business failure.

Here are some of the top small business trends that you need to follow to clear the mess up and reduce the risk of failure;

  1. Vertical Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidation remains the basic agent of change in most of the industries. Recent acquisition announcements such as Amazon, CVS, and AT&T establish that companies are going vertical. Their subsequent step will be to further consolidate suppliers, who need to offer more skills.

  1. IPO Market Will Recover

In line with Baker McKenzie, the IPOs are likely to surpass $70 billion in value in 2018, maintained by a robust stock market and technology sector.

  1. The US Economy Is Surging

According to the Wall Street Journal Vistage CEO Confidence Index, a hallmark of small business confidence, rose 14% as opposed to the last year through October. 75% of those surveyed expect higher revenue in 2018 after a strong showing in last year.

  1. Tax Reform Will Be a Boon

Through the Congressional reconciliation process, the implications will become clearer; however the two suggestions offer dramatic savings to pass-through entities that set up capital. At the same time as professional services will see diminutive tax benefit, certified public accountants and financial services companies will have new opportunities to broker information.

  1. Tech Businesses Are Experiencing Techlash

Shackled through disagreements around censorship, privacy issues and data loss, tech giants are experiencing good sized headwinds in China, Germany and some other place.

  1. Immersive Technologies

This year businesses set up real-world applications of Augmented Reality (AR), and, to a lesser extent, Virtual Reality (VR). Already in use in daily routines, Augmented Reality might be used to teach technicians, navigators and retail employees.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

In keeping with Gartner, an American information technology research and advisory firm, there are already 8.4 billion “things”, and almost 30% growing every year. Most of the businesses in US are using the IoT to collect real time data.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Bots

The artificial intelligence technology is emerging in almost every industry. For instance the, Facebook Messenger’s Woebot teaches you about behavioral techniques and helps you in daily chat, especially when you are disheartened or forgot to do something that you really wanted to do.

  1. Ecommerce Reaches a Tipping Point

The ecommerce industry is reaching a tipping point as the online sales are expected to grow a healthy 20%. And as per the Wall Street Journal, almost 8,600 stores will close in 2018.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

Although the recent hype, the recent rise in Bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies with its listing on the potential exchanges where the investors can evade.

  1. Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration will implement a new identification system to allow more accurate monitoring, but also to allow more commercial applications.

  1. Private Sector Space Race Reaches New Heights

Soon the NASA will send its aircraft to Mars at the same time as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Boeing and Blue Origin duke it out to offer possibilities for passengers to take a lap around the moon.

  1. The Worldwide Economy Continues To Be Fragile

There is plenty to be optimistic about. But potential crises in China (rising debt), Brazil (corruption), Venezuela (inflation over 1,000 percent) as well as threats of natural disaster and terrorism, put the world economy on fragility.

Things to Focus?

  • Get great tax planning guidance, so that you can better prepare for the next year.
  • Have a dexterous strategic plan which could change on a moment’s notice. Assess quarterly to make certain that you are in a place to grab the future opportunities.
  • Spend in technology. Ask your team about how technology is of advantage to your specific scenario? If your business doesn’t have solution, find the people that do. Add technology into your business.
  • Hire professionals before you actually need them. If the economic system continues to heat up, and the redundancy settles down at 4% or so, it’ll be impossible to find new talent.
  • Be an excellent employer, and implement flexible working environment.
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