Each New Year brings in new trends with it, and most people abide by them. Social trends keep monotonous activities alive. They are based on the current personalities and activities of the people. If you running a small business, you need to keep the recent swings in mind to stay relevant.

In the past years, social media has gone through a fundamental paradigm shift. Some claim, Millennials and Generation Z have changed the whole course of social media marketing strategies for businesses-small or large. Since Baby boomers are not in the field anymore; a couple of alternations had to be carried out to gain the attention of the current gene pool.

The best way to incorporate a new strategy in your small business is to set a goal, have experts brainstorm over the idea, prioritize, test, and lastly, analyze the deduced results. Make some changes, if required. Congratulations, your business is saved from getting obsolete!

Have a look at a couple of small business social trends to follow, religiously, this year:

  • Stories

Cyber age-the current age, demands only efficiency and speed. It is a continuous fight between authentic, in-the-moment style content and over-detailed, elaborative content.

Recent studies show that the use of Facebook and Snapchat has dropped drastically. WhatsApp and Instagram users have surpassed over 400 million. Research deduced that people appreciate the ‘story’ feature on the said apps. As a small business owner, this is your window. Upload short-informative details on your stories. Try not to use technical terms, use layman language to grasp customer’s attention.

Make your small business-marketing content short, lively, and engaging. Try turning a blog post into a video, or upload a self-explanatory image relevant to your deal. You can also share a poll on your story, and change the sails of your small business according to the results of the poll.

Give them a glimpse of how you carry out everyday operations. For example: if you are running a small business in a form of a bakery, upload an image or a video story of a coffee press under process. Or if you are running a Paper Company share a content involving your team members. Make your business trendy by not merely uploading wordy content.

  • Customer Service and Artificial Intelligence

Have you not seen ‘Black Mirror’? You have, then you know how deeply enrooted Artificial Intelligence is in our society. Statistics reveal that by 2020, 80% of the customer service will be powered through AI.

In addition to this, 60% of the Millennials report using chatbots for customer service. Apart from this, you can use WhatsApp as a customer service tool. Your customers are always talking to their families and friends on the App, how easy would it be for them to just switch to a separate conversation and get in contact with you. This technique has set to be revolutionary for small business owners. You can monitor their chats; figure out their personality pattern and introduce a product or a service that they want.

Another very important key factor to be a successful small business owner is to get involved with your customer. 2019 is all about building a relationship with your customer.

Social Psychologists have figured out that people are coming towards social media, nowadays, because they crave a sense of social belonging. Businesses have the power to invest and managing the products, services, and groups that can give their customers an identity.

For a small business owner, this seems to be a legitimate tip to implement.

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Social Trends: Small Businesses Need to Adopt in 2019
Social Trends: Small Businesses Need to Adopt in 2019
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The world is evolving and so should small business owners. Here are top social trends every small business should follow in 2019.
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