New year is an outstanding time of year, particularly for small business owners to celebrate existing business at the same time as drawing new business to increase your first-quarter sales. There are many who make New Year’s resolutions, however the start of a new year provides you an opportunity to make a fresh start for your small business.

Whether you’re looking to end the year with a bang or start the new year with smart methods, those New year’s sales and marketing ideas can help your small business to get back in the sales game after the holiday rush.

Refresh Your Small Business Marketing

Just like many people use the New Year as a chance to refresh their personal appearance (new haircut, new clothing) or improve their personal wellness by going to the gym, likewise the New Year is an excellent time for a small business to refresh and renew its marketing.

For instance, now that the holidays are over, it’s an excellent time to reach out to some existing customers who you haven’t heard from in a while. You might have a few new business opportunities waiting for you with current customers who were out of the office during the vacations or who weren’t considering about business – but now that the New Year is up and running, people are going to be targeted on business again, and that means greater opportunities for you.

Hold a Post-Holiday Sale

Just because the pre-holiday shopping season is over doesn’t imply the business has to slow down. There is plenty of stuff online regarding shopping guidelines that particularly geared to the post-holiday season, that is normally peppered with sales. One of the most effective marketing idea is to attract more site visitors into your location is a clearance sale to clear the old inventory. Simultaneously, you can preview some of the new products or services that customers can count on in the upcoming year.

Host a New Year’s Eve Party

Many people want to be surrounded by loved ones when the clock strikes midnight, so host an “international celebration” at some point of the day. Some countries are 12 hours ahead of the US, so you can use the afternoon hours to celebrate without taking away from your customers’ or your very own plans. Try a promotional giveaway to improve traffic, offering up a gift card or a best-selling product. Another fun concept is a social media photo contest where followers submit photos of themselves at your business or using your products in exchange for a shot at a fun prize.

Reward Loyal Customers

Who frequented your business this past year? Launch an email or social media campaign to reach out to your established clientele with unique New Year’s promotions just for them. This will be an exceptional way for service businesses to schedule appointments, especially for annual services, in step with the Small Business Association.

Send New Year’s Swag

Leverage the spirit of the New Year to deepen your connection to current clients or introduce yourself to new clients. One well-timed New Year’s marketing idea is to create calendars for the forthcoming year imprinted along with your small business’s brand. Try staging a photo session with your employees to fill the calendar with photographs that show off your lifestyle and values, or fill the calendar with useful guidelines associated with your enterprise. For example, an event planning company can include recommendations for celebrating the holidays that arise each month.

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Small Business Sales and Marketing Ideas for the New Year
Small Business Sales and Marketing Ideas for the New Year
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Thinking about starting the new year with some fresh ideas? Use these New Year’s sales & marketing ideas to help your small business back in the game.
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