According to Federal Reserve Survey, small businesses were way higher in 2015 as compared to in 2014. Many of the small businesses were reporting higher revenue, as well as accelerated success in finding financing.

Bank financing, in particular from small banking institutions, continue to be the prime source of small business funding, whilst online lenders and other out of the ordinary financing resources continue to gain popularity in the outcome of the financial disaster. Almost 80% of surveyed small businesses that applied for a small business loan or an Line Of Credit last year were authorized for at least a quantity of funding, even though almost half of them obtained the total amount they have been in search of.

Shannon McKay, research supervisor at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond said that “general financial arrangement is improving”. He also stated that we are spotting some rise in the small business financing. 

The smaller the business, the more complicated it was to get financing. Only 54% of micro-businesses, classified as those with annual revenue of under $100,000, were authorized for traditional loans, in comparison to 65% of medium sized companies with annual profits of $100,000 and 91% of businesses with over $10 million in annual sales.

Small business borrowers had better success at small banking institutions that authorized almost 76% of business loan applications, than large banks, and almost 58% were accredited. The survey observed that commercial enterprise owners have been satisfied with their experience at small lenders.

McKay also said that, mostly the above-mentioned small business success is relationship based and this what small banks achieve with businesses as compared to large banks.

Online lenders have turn out to be famous at present, with almost 20% of those surveyed pronouncing they had applied for a small business loan from non-bank entities. Even though the approval rate for this type of applications was exceedingly high, 71%, small or large businesses said that they were not happy with their experience. The online lenders get a satisfaction score of 15, in comparison to 75 for small banks and 51 for large banks.

In general, 27% of businesses surveyed in selected states were lucrative last year, and that figure was almost 15% in 2014. Companies also observed rising sales, with 26% reporting profits growth in 2015 and that was 21% the year before.

There were additionally optimism signs: almost 50% of surveyed companies said that they plan to put in some jobs in the subsequent year. And these are the companies that feel financially contented to expect hiring in the next year.