For a business owner, marketing your business right can mean the difference in failing or expanding. Marketing is a term that is sometimes scary to a business owner if you aren’t familiar with how to market your business and you don’t have the money to pay someone else to do it. There are a million and one ways that you can market your business, but you really only need a few marketing ideas to get your name out there and get your business noticed. So, to help you with a few great marketing ideas on marketing your business, we have a small list for you:

Online Exigency

Free press is always good marketing idea! There are a ton of sites that you can market your site to for free on the web. While placing individual free ads will take forever, you can always have someone (either a writer or a press release company) write a great press release about your business and what you do. Once you have this release, you can begin submitting it to free submission sites online, and there are more than you can count. Not only will this get your business out there and in front of those who you want to market to, you’ll also find that people you never thought would use your services begin to take notice.

Groom Your Prospect

Create a “search engine” friendly web site. Just about every business today has a web site. If you don’t, or if you already have one, you need to make sure to optimize it for the search engines. You can do this with creative content that has the right keywords, new content at least weekly (in the form of articles or copy), and the right meta tags. While this might sound Greek to some business owners, you can always find a computer or editorial professional to help you write or design a great web site that will get noticed by the search engines. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and get more potential customers to see what you offer.


Visibility is key. Getting your business name out there is one of the keys to success for any business owner. And, while the web is a great way to get your business out there to potential buyers all over the world, sometimes you need some good old fashioned marketing that will help people in your area to see your business. You can do this in a wide variety of ways: business cards posted at a client’s business or on a bulletin board, signs, flyers, newspaper ads, and direct marketing. These can all cost you money, but you can always place great ads for a low price and gain great exposure, you can order smaller signs in larger numbers or larger signs in great areas to help drive your business on, and flyers are always a great way to get the word out.


Direct marketing isn’t dead! While direct marketing was a huge way to gain customers ten years ago, a lot of businesses don’t do it anymore due to the popularity of the web. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t do it. With the right direct marketing campaign, you can gain some great leads and customers that you never knew were right under your nose. Take your time and identify your market in the area. Once you have this information, draft a sales letter that let’s the customer know who you are and what you can do to help them. Then add in a great offer or special that is available only with this letter or flyer to the customer. When you have this ready to go, you can either opt to mail them out using bulk mailing, or you can opt to have them hand-delivered to cars, doors, and so on in a certain area. This is a great way to reach people close by and let them know you’re here.

Accurate Preference

If you are large enough to hire a marketing manager, make sure that you hire a good one. There are a ton of marketing majors out there, waiting for a job, but you want the good ones on your side. A great marketing manager can open doors for you with advertising that you didn’t know were even there, and can negotiate great prices on ads for newspapers, radio, television, and so on. Most marketing managers can also put together great promotions, web campaigns, and so on to help your business grow. But, remember that it’s all about getting the right person for the job. So, adding a marketing manager with capability to generate great marketing ideas can help you a lot.

Bestow Benevolence

Donations are another great way to get your name out there. Donate one of your items, money, or time to a charitable cause or event, and make sure that your company logo gets some face time. This will help to show that your business is big enough that you can do these things, and get your company name out there in public. For some businesses, this isn’t feasible or you don’t offer a service that can be used by the normal consumer – don’t worry! There are plenty of specialty associations, like a builder’s association, that will always love to get donations for fund raisers and other charity events. This will get your business name out there and get you in front of the right people who can also help to open doors for you and your business quickly.

Compete To Compel

There are a ton of specialty marketing ideas that you can use for your specific business. Searching the web for other businesses like yours is always a great way to see how the competition is gaining customers and attracting people to them. Take a look at what they are doing that is unique and expand on their ideas. No matter what you want to accomplish with your next marketing campaign, or how much money you have available to spend on it, you can always find great marketing just about everywhere without spending a ton of your business’ hard earned time and money.

Distinguish With Dynamic

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