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Billy Taylor and his wife Brook Harvey Taylor found of Pacific are the Small Business Administration (SBA) selected National Small Business Persons of Year 2014. The National Small Business Week awards ceremony was in Washington DC.

With Billy’s business mind and Brook’s creative ideas, the two entrepreneurs commenced making candles in the late nineties. By 2008 they’d achieved $12 million in earnings. However, a modification in distribution channels caused a slump that pushed the couple to get financing to reposition the company and maintain possession of the business. By working closely with the Small Business Administration they’re in the position to get the cash they required without troubling their possession or prospect.

A striking change in the products such as fragrances, cosmetics and perfumes has put their business on a growth road to over double their income during five-year time period. Since the year 2010, they grow their staff every year and currently have almost 110 employees.

First Runner Up From San Bernardino, California:
The first runner up from Bernardino, California is a family who owns Anita’s Mexican Food Corp. Anita’s Mexican Food Corp. is a minority owned business. Their roots go as far back to 1958 as a flour-tortilla manufacturer when Mauro Robles, family patriarch developed a number of businesses acknowledged as Anita’s. Later Mauro gained the citizenship and produced more products and now his children own the business.

At Anita’s they produce mostly corn and flour based products, providing high-quality services and products. They now ships across the world. Almost 1.5 tortillas come out from the East Los Angeles and San Bernardino’s plants.

The Small Business Administration is proud to take part in the success of Anita’s Mexican Food Corp. Back in 2012, the SBA assisted the purchase of equipment and real estate through the SBA 504 loan to support the expansion in operations. In the last three years, the company’s revenue has developed 100%.

Second Runner-Up From Cheyenne, Wyoming
Jeni Merrill of Merrill Inc. is the second runner up from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Merrill Inc. is a woman-possessed general contracting corporation focusing in site excavation, concrete, underground utilities, road construction, trenching, building remodel & renovation, footer-foundation excavation, septic installation, demolition, drainage, and erosion control.

In early stages Jeni Merrill kept her regular job for several years to settle the debts, and worked her business during the night. For almost 15 years her business increased very slowly. Beginning in 2007, Jeni Merrill took some important steps that boosted her business. First, she started to work full time and earned Class “A” General Contractor license then she applied in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program and then through SBA’s Surety bond Guarantee Program she began her firms connecting capacity.

Last year she employed 42 contractors and has a permanent workforce of 26 workers. She secured many contracting possibilities such as Yellowstone and Grand Canyon that has extraordinarily developed her business.

Since 1963, every year the Small Business Administration takes the chance to focus on Small Businesses through National Small Business Week from all 50 states. Occasions like this are just providing help, training for small businesses to commence and grow.