Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Businesses today need to look beyond geographical limits in order to develop and enlarge. There is a whole world of clients, customers and patrons out there waiting to buy your service or product. Galore Opportunities await the smart businessman willing to take the risk and go global. According to ‘Going Global’ does not need to be costly. It’s relatively straightforward and cost-effective to target foreign markets if you are smart enough and cost conscious enough. Global business helpers say Jason Newman set up his business on a hardware in 2002. He now oversees a company with offices in the UK, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Germany and the UAE.The US economy is still on the slow road to recovery, and no one is more aware of the fact than those small businesses who have watched their customer base decline. In response, many small businesses are considering expanding into international markets.

Here are some tips .


Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive anymore , explains a recent successor of globally small business. You don’t need a massive budget to get customers. A simple website, fully-optimised for the search engines and in the local language is probably one of the most effective means of entering a market at very little cost. If worse comes to worse you may lose a few hundred dollars.

Phone Bills

Using Skype, Google Chat or any other VOIP system dramatically reduces phone bills. With Skype you can call internationally for little as compared to landlines, is peanuts. Skype has helped many in different ways. Not only can all offices conference call for pennies, but in emergencies you can even have calls forwarded via Skype to one of the other offices ensuring that to never let clients down.

Virtual Working

If you fancy having a go at a market it’s not always necessary to actually have staff on the ground there. Like opening a call centre with local dialect experts to bridge the gab with clients.

Get Funding

Governments generally want to see businesses doing well abroad. It’s good for everyone. As a result there are usually pots of funding available for companies wanting to trade abroad.

Following The Exchange Rates

Many of decent businesses have been caught out by exchange rate fluctuations. Like watching the euro’s plunge over pounds or Yen over Riyal

Money Transfers

Working internationally inevitably means you have to pay people in foreign locations. Avoid paying money via wire transfers. Banks charge extortionate rates. There are plenty of alternatives now on the market such as MoneyGrams, Paypal, Western Union , Payoneer and more.

Adjusting With Business Meetings

Travel costs time and money. In the age of conference calls, emails, the internet and online demonstrations travel is no longer a necessity. You save thousands in using technology to address problems, meet with employees or sell to customers.

Integrating The Deals

If it’s possible to do so, have one of your offices deal with a certain integration. For example, you may do all your invoicing from one location, all quoting from one location or all marketing from one location. This saves time and money and decreases the burden on the different locations.

Internal Partnerships

Your strategy for all your offices has to be that you should find someone like yourself in that country, someone with consumer skills and plenty of passion. If you find the right person they can take on your business and make it their own at a fraction .