Its Christmas time. It offers many unique opportunities for almost every type of business to market to customers in a unique and productive ways. As a small business owner, you probably feel stress toward the end of the year to get the most out of the year end sale. You might also be looking to clear the remaining Black Friday or Cyber Monday inventory off your stocks to get into the New Year with new products and new approach. Here are some pre-Christmas promotional strategies to clear the stock and start the New Year with fresh approach.

  1. Coupon with Purchases Strategy

Don’t overlook the power of coupons when planning for your marketing strategies for Christmas. Christmas is an excellent time to pick up some repeat business. It also provides a chance to businesses to clear up their stocks. The best way to sale your product during the holiday season is to add coupons and special offers in each purchase. Coupons and special offers give your potential customers a tangible reason to look into your products and make purchases.

  1. Cross Promotion Strategy

Cross Promotion is a marketing strategy that involves promotion of other products targeted to the customers of a related product. This is the most favorable strategy preferred by small retail businesses. You can also use this strategy to attract more customers from other businesses. This strategy can help you to tap the target group of partners and collaborate with them for better sale.

  1. Create Urgency and Scarcity

Another best strategy to implement is to use scarcity strategy. If you’ve been in the game of ecommerce, you’ve probably heard of term “scarcity strategy”. This strategy can increase the conversion rate about 7-9%. Creating the scarcity of your best selling products can encourage your customers to buy them immediately. And adding a time limit can help you to sell it immediately. All you need to do is to highlight the limited stock or end dates during sales.

  1. Run Christmas-Focused Email Campaign

Email marketing is the best strategy to cover the Christmas holiday sales. It is also a highest converting channel for an ecommerce business. Start a drip email campaign to boost your Christmas sales by sending emails to your existing customers. Drip campaign helps businesses to reach out to your customers through automated emails that are set to be delivered weekly or monthly. Rather than sending emails one by one to your customers, you can set up automated emails to contact various people at different times.

  1. Attract Customers with Surprise Envelopes

One of the best strategies to increase your Christmas sales is to offer your customers with surprise envelops. This strategy actually works. You will need to come up with a list of prizes pictures and put them in envelops. Give these envelops to your customers and ask them to shop from you. Offer them these surprise envelops and present them the gifts that are hidden in envelops. You can also place an expiring date on the card just to create the sense of urgency.

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Pre-Christmas Promotional Strategies to Boost your Ecommerce Sales
Pre-Christmas Promotional Strategies to Boost your Ecommerce Sales
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We have listed few amazing pre-Christmas sales strategies you can use to get your brand seen and increase your eCommerce sales this year.
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