About 35% North America banking shares will be available by 2020 with online banking as stated by Accenture Credit Services research. As digital businesses have traditionally been in the residential field, online small business loans are rising, and financial lenders need to acclimatize. Online lending has become a norm in today’s financial services industry.

Lending institution, policy makers and financial experts all corroborated that technological advancements are touching every single economic aspect. Even financial services industry now contributing and using much of technological advancements in their lending processes.

At micro-economic level, small business borrowers are keener to use digital advancements in different business aspects like inventory management, online banking, and other technology based apps. As competition increases among small businesses, bank lending searching new ways to nurture their initiation business and get hold of market share in 2015 will need to improve their digital aptitudes.

How does that affect the average community banking that is trying to market its loan products to businesses? Business lenders must have to spend time and money efficiently while the lending industry moves to paperless and hassle free technology focused from document concentrated. The tech-savvy lenders are eager to influence the online world so that new businesses can have a competitive edge over those who don’t pursue digital procedures. There are many benefits that business lenders can get from digitalizing their funding processes like little customer attainment cost, improved loan quality, and improved data protection and privacy conformity.