Mothers are usually the person in charge of the households, but today moms are ever more likely to be the business leaders as well. Many women have taken their domestic needs from running a home to caring for children and switched them over into Big-successful small businesses.

Many people strive to have a healthier work-life balance, but the truth is different. Work comes with long periods, more strain and less health in terms of physical and mental fitness. Success is something that comes at the cost of personal and family lives. And if you add parenthood to the mix, and that healthier work-life balance is tested again.

Managing a business along with the duties of a household is hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a business. For mothers that are willing to start a small business, here are some tips to become a successful mompreneur:

  1. Motherhood Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Career

Just because you are a mother managing your house and caring your children doesn’t mean you can’t have a business career. Motherhood is the most demanding job and also the most rewarding. You can have a successful career with active and healthy lifestyle with a social network of peers. Currently, we have seen thousands of women running and managing their businesses with kids. YES! It’s likely to do both.

  1. Be Ambitious & Plan Big

Many women business owners have started small without imagining it would grow into big successful businesses. Those who stay ambitious and plan big now have thousands clients with corporate staff. The lesson to be learnt here is never limit your approach and always plan with ambition.

  1. Foster Built-in Flexibility to Grow

Today, life is very much busy. It persistently comes out with different challenges: kids who need care or a meeting who cancels. Therefore it’s imperative to cultivate a business culture that allows staff the flexibility and means to have a healthier work-life balance. This could mean allowing them to work remotely or have a Skype meeting instead of long distance drive to office.

  1. Follow Technology Culture

What do Google, SAS Institute, and Genentech all have in common? After analyzing the fortune company’s data it was found that technology culture was a key consideration. Without a flexible culture technology – real time documentation, a team calendar and the working location is unyielding. Use of technology into the business processes offers flexibility and fast growth. The overall corporate culture matters the most to many people. Google Docs and Hangouts are now among the key applications that  support a flexible working environment. With Google Docs, you can share the company documents to wherever staffers are. With Google Hangouts, staff can communicate ostensibly face-to-face irrespective of their location.

  1. Encourage Community Not Profits

A successful business is one that encourage community rather its bottom line. To foster the business culture, it’s vital to fortify healthy communities at all levels. You can raise money for charities and can educate people on different community matters. You should give back to the communities you’re in and demonstrate that you have a reason beyond just making profits.

Entrepreneurship and motherhood are both challenging jobs, but you don’t have to be slashed among them. Be devoted to both by staying affirmative and control timing and delegation. Never compromise for less what you want out of life.