JP Morgan Chase has agreed to pay $153.6 million to settle charges that it misleading the buyers of intricate mortgage investments as the US housing market was in trouble in 2008. Supervisory body said the bank’s securities division had botched to tell clients that a prevaricate fund had helped pick the portfolio, and then risk it would fall short. The fine means shareholder who lost as a result will get their money finance.

JP Morgan neither acknowledged nor shun of any unlawful activity under the settlement. The bank said it had lost nearly $900 million on the venture and that it had appraisal similar mortgage investments and paid $56 million to some shareholders.

The agreement proclaimed on Tuesday by the Securities and switch over Commission came a year after another big Wall Street bank, Goldman Sachs, paid $550 million to settle charges connecting to a similar fraud.

JP Morgan Securities, in a statement said that a division of the bank, had misinformed shareholders in a multifaceted mortgage safety deal just as the housing market was starting to plunge.

JP Morgan decided to pay a $133 million fine, plus $20.6 million of inappropriate profits and interest. About $125.9 million will go to investors in the Squared CDO, and $27.7 million will go to the US treasury department. The bank will also modify its strategy for reviewing and approving offerings of mortgage securities.