Use of search engine optimization campaigns is a remarkable way to get your business a spark in the current digital age. According to Internet World Stats, 80% of potential users in America are connected to the digital sphere with more and more connecting every day. Following this growth rate of potential customers in the online sphere, you must have to improve your online marketing techniques.

If you want to know why that’s matters the most than general SEO, consider the Google statistics, which states there are 94% of Smartphone users use search engines to find local business information and constitutes 85% of general consumers. Some of them make purchases, some get the information, and some call the business. Whatever they all do, the outcome is potential leads for local businesses.

Local search listings give you a playground which you need to beat your competition. If your small business isn’t listed on search engine listing you are losing your potential customers. In a nutshell, your small business is missing out on potential sales. A data analytics report by Oxera states that only 37% of small businesses are listed on search engine listing directories.

This analytics data clarifies that only four out of five potential users that use search engine to find a business’s information (business address, phone number, operating hours, services/products offered), aren’t getting the essential information on a majority of small businesses.

To make sure potential users find the business and vice-versa, Google has launched a beta program called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” in 2011 to get small businesses listed on search engines directories.

Since then, Google’s has been assisting small businesses to make the most of the online world. They create a beta program called, Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, by which they’re ensuring that every small business go online so that the potential users can find them easily. This beta program helps not only in updating listings for every business but also bringing together the community to help local small business events.

According to Google new analytics data, 38% more users are likely to visit businesses that are listed online. Also, 29% of people were surveyed and they said they are more likely to buy from those local businesses that are listed online.

Initially, Google has created a custom website for every targeted city. With the help of these sites, local businesses can easily find the needed resources to get listed online. It incorporates a analytical tool that display small businesses current online appearance. Google is linking small business groups with local chambers of commerce on the street level. This way small business groups can easily find resources to help their local merchants. These groups are also supported to hold conferences and discussions to direct business owners on getting listed online.

Businesses that are dawdling to get listed online can get assistance from reliable or satisfied consumers. The general community can also encourage their preferred local businesses by listing their information online for them at “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” website.