Google recently updates its algorithm and announced a new “Mobile First Rule” for sites to go “mobile-friendly”. The sites that carry the mobile friendly label will rank higher on mobile search results in the search engines. According to the findings of a digital marketing agency, Koozai, this new rule is highly impacting SMBs with amazing results. The new mobile-friendly rankings are biting many online businesses in the top ranking race on search engines.

The blueprints of the Google new rule before the implementation of changes entails that online business should avoid applications or software’s like Flash that are unusual for mobile, use of readable text without zooming, less use of scroll on the web page and place targeted links separately for easy tapping. Sites that adhere to these blueprints will suffer a ranking drop in search engines, although informative content will be awarded.

Nowadays the new search engine standards are applied to every single webpage and not to the whole website. Earlier, Google also launched a “Mobile-Friendly Test” for websites so site owners can make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. The test also includes a detailed “Mobile Guide” for development team for website optimization.

Search engine is fundamental to driving more traffic and converting that traffic to customers for small businesses. The results of these mobile search imminent changes had some anxious businesses calling it “Mobilegeddon.” There was also a supposition that websites that didn’t adhere to the new mobile-friendly standards would be taken out from search results completely.

Fortunately, all websites are still available for searching on Google. Though, according to Koozai’s research findings 40% of online businesses experience rankings drop along with 50% drop in their current traffic. After experiencing this shocking drop in rankings, all are now optimizing their websites for mobile so as to avoid lower results and keep traffic consistent and coming in.

Even after deploying resources to optimize site for mobile-friendly, many business owners are aggravated by the rankings drop in search rankings. The drop in rankings means less traffic and in return less potential revenue for businesses. Though, only 37% experienced the negative impact of new algorithm on online sales, while 44% are less concerned about their revenues since most of them largely make sales through desktop or laptop computers.

There will always be extensive effects whenever a new update will be made by Google, especially for those SMBs with little resources. Hence, it’s very important for online businesses to stay updated with the new algorithmic trends on the platforms that drive major traffic for them and contribute to their business’s development.

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Impact Of Google Mobile First Rule Over Small Businesses
Impact Of Google Mobile First Rule Over Small Businesses
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