how to create a profitable sales plan
Today’s small businesses are tech-savvy and leveraging new ways in order to enhance and expand their seasonal sales. Many businesses are reaching out to their buyers through mobile phones and others are attracting customers through social media marketing. There are many who lag behind in sales due to their inadequate planning. For their help, we have created a list of ‘to-be created-plans’, which will help you in organizing and planning your seasonal sales.

Sales and inventory plans
First thing which needs to be done is creating detailed sales and inventory plan even before the season starts. Use these plans in your inventory buying and merchandize sales promotion. Before you begin, you require data which will help you in calculating the exact number of profits you earned throughout the previous year, and also about the inventory you bought for producing sales for that year. After collecting this entire information you then require a weekly sales plan.

Weekly Sales plan
This plan will help you in organizing your entire buying and production schedule. It will also divide profits and sales for the previous year. As by now you know about your previous year’s sales, you need to make a crisis situation plan in order to avoid unnecessary fluctuations in profits. Such fluctuations may occur due to economic downturns.
Based on your previous year’s experience, you can then easily forecast the increase and decrease in your small business’s profits and sales. How much you can expect and how much you can afford to increase without applying any possible negative effect on sales.

Inventory Plan
Plan ahead of time for the merchandize you require. It will be extremely unwise to buy inventory more than the required amount because then you will find your inventory overstuffed. Yes, problems do occur due to unexpected increase or decrease in sales, but first create a plan and then pile your inventory so that nothing goes to waste.

Discount Plan
Plan your promotional sales. Even before you begin your sales process you need to create viral plan for your promotional sales. Along with that, your Clearance Sales Plan should also be marked out in advance.
These sales plans should be created in accordance with months. Buying and ending inventories by month. Sales and discount plans by month.

Create month by month plan and follow it in accordance with time. If sales fall behind then inventories also begin to back up. If this happens, then there will be great pressure on prices and eventually on your small business, which if not addressed can decimate margins. At this point you need to clear out inventory as soon as possible, start from 25% discount instead of stocking everything up and waiting for clearance sales.

Your sales should always be in sync with your sales plan. If something is amiss and sales are going down, for example, it is priced too high or is not being marketed effectively then the problem needs to be taken care of immediately. Customers are not always looking for sales, but for good quality products at fair rates from brands they trust.