Learn The Brass Tacks

When it’s time to design your business web site, do you feel comfortable creating a flashy, customer-grabbing site? Or, is this an area where you aren’t an expert? Well, have no fear. There are a ton of experts out there that can create some brilliant web sites for you. Here is the trick – finding the right one! Finding the right firm to design your business web site can strike fear into business owners who aren’t familiar with web design. But, hiring a company to design your web site is just like hiring an accountant to handle your finances, all you need to do is your homework.


When you are ready to look for a company to design your web site, there are several places that you can search. Here are the main search places and a little bit about each one:

1. Your local phone book – Here you will find businesses in your area who do web design, marketing, and advertising. Make a list and check them out with the Better Businesses Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any complaints or problems with them. When you have your list, start making phone calls and ask about their packages, pricing, and ask to see a few examples of their work. This is a great option for business owners who like to sit down with people face-to-face and hammer out the details of the site and work one-on-one with a designer.
2. Your web hosting company – Usually, the company that is hosting your web site will offer design packages to their customers. This can include everything from do-it-yourself site builders to professional built sites. If you decide to go with the professional built site, make sure that you can talk to a live person on the phone to ensure that you get what your business does and what your business is about across to them. Talking to a real person will help to ensure that they know what you want. You should also ask to see examples of sites that they have designed so you will know what type of work to expect from them.
3. Freelance websites – There are many great freelance web sites out there for professionals who can design a great business web site for you without the overhead costs of a large business. This is a great way to develop a working relationship with a designer who can help to layout your site and maintain it as well. You can post your project, the design of your business web site, on a freelance site for little to no money, and have several freelancers bid on your project. This way, you have a large group to choose from and examples of their work right there.
4. Ask your friends and neighbors – Know a small business owner? Ask them who did their web site. Chances are that you’ll get some glowing recommendations for a company that they used and even get a discount for mentioning your friend’s name or business. Word of mouth is one of the most valuable advertising tools that a business can have and when you mention that Bob from Bob’s General Store told you about their services, they will be falling over each other to help you. After all, they want to keep Bob happy and they want to gain your business too.


Once you have a small list of companies who you feel can do a great job on your business web site, make sure that you discuss pricing with them first. You should never have to guess what your bill will be, as you should agree on a set price before the work begins. Some companies or freelance designers will require a deposit, especially if you need a large or complex site built, so be prepared for this with either a credit card or the funds needed to cover it.

Client/Designer Interaction

You should be able to speak to a real person, either over the phone or over email, to discuss the layout of the site and your vision for it. The designer should know exactly what you want, and what you don’t, and have access to any photos or product information you need placed in your web site.

The Important Aspect

Finally, make sure that the site is what you wanted before you pay the final bill. If you aren’t satisfied with the site, let the designer know. They should be willing to work with you and change whatever you feel needs to be changed before they submit their final invoice to you for payment.

Winding Aspect

Finding the right design firm to create a great web site for your business isn’t hard; you simply need to do your homework first. So, search through these areas listed above and good luck with your site!

Winning Aspect

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