October is full of tricks, and your small business Halloween promotions ought to be full of treats to get more customer’s attention! Whether it’s for just one spooky night or for the whole month, Halloween-themed small business marketing campaign will help boost customer engagement and sales for your small business.

This Halloween can be a great way to bring in more consumers in entertaining, modest and spooky ways for sure! Nevertheless, this trick-or-treat event is all about bringing the community together. Moreover, it’s the best way to have your marketing push just before the spooky holidays. Read on this guide to learn how your small business can participate in the Halloween hoopla while getting more new customers.

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Here are some of the best creative marketing ideas to help your customers celebrate with your small business and make them coming back for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

  1. Decorate Your Store

For starter, get in the Halloween spirit by decorating your small business storefront with Halloween-themed. Get crazy and spooky with your theme and use pumpkins, makeshift scarecrow, cobwebs to decorate your store. Create a spooky menu board with some chalk or use a jack-o-lantern to carve something related to your small business for promotion.

  1. Host a Costume Party

The second step is to host a costume party and invite people to rejoice Halloween at your business place. Ask them to dress up as per the theme and provide food with Halloween related music. Promote your event via marketing tools and social media. You can also advertise your party alone, and adding special product/service discounts to attract attendees is a plus.

  1. Themed Based Products

Think of offering Halloween theme related products or menu items to help customers get in the Halloween spirit. If you own a bar or a restaurant, spice up your menu items and decor to ignite the festive season in the customers. There are numerous ways to combine ghouls, ghosts, witches, and other spooky characters or items into your product plan. Also, make sure everyone know that you’ll have themed based products on tap. Promote your Halloween-themed product offerings via newsletter, social media and content communities. Adding spooky and funny hashtag will be a bonus.

  1. Offer Spooky Deals & Discounts

Halloween-themed deals and discounts is another great opportunity to resonate with your customers and inspire them to benefit from them in a special way. This enticing offers and discounts will provide them a reason to choose your store over others and surely will not “scare” them away. Such offering during the holiday season will bring about more shopping – in turn more sales for your store.

  1. Halloween Costume

Have your staff dress up at work will allow customers to see you’re having a little fun around. Taking the pictures and putting them on social media is great fodder for your digital campaigns. Not to mention, don’t forget to have your employees stick to what’s easy and appropriate for your business, so they don’t spend heavily on their costumes.

  1. Welcome Trick-or-Treaters

Providing free trick-or-treats to customers will surely help increase more customers. This holiday season is a great time bring the neighborhood together. A sweet offering will leave your customers with a positive view of your business. People are always looking for fun and safe places to enjoy and have trick-or-treat. Brand your store with others to host family-friendly trick-or-treating – making it a go-to destination this Halloween.

  1. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a Halloween theme contest or giveaway is another best way to ignite the Halloween spirit in your customers. Advertise the contest or giveaway on your social media or in your store so everyone can have a chance to win something, a gift card, product baskets, or simply a trophy.

  1. Spookify Yourself Online

Indulge in Halloween by making your online presence spookify, and this includes having your avatars, profile photos, logos, website, banners, emails, or other marketing material all Halloween-themed. Creating a Halloween-focused #hashtag related to your business can also be a great opportunity to enable customers to share, or post something about your business.

  1. Launch Spooky Mail Campaign

Crafting a Halloween theme based idea and launching it via email campaign is another trick to get more customers. Send out candy bags, theme-based coupons, or other engagement tactics in your mail campaign—helping them get in the Halloween spirit with your business in mind.

  1. Give Out Branded Trick-or-Treat Bags

Giving out branded plastic bags with a Halloween themed-based version of your logo is another great way to get your brand out in the wild. You can either send them in a direct mail or place them out at your storefront for the taking. For an eco-friendly business, use of durable reusable bags help more people to come to your brand and eliminate plastic bag use—making it a win-win for your business!

  1. Spooky Halloween Music

Last but not the least, play spooky Halloween music to get people in the Halloween spirit. Plying the music in the events or activities you host will help attract customers especially those that are bored of the same-old from their traditional gathering places.

Another Theme to Consider

If “spooky” really isn’t really in line with your business branding or goals, know that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A good cause and a great opportunity to gain visibility in a philanthropic way. Think about how your business might support breast cancer awareness—provide pink ribbons, decorate with pink ribbons or signs in your store, or accept donations on behalf of an organization of your choosing at your business.

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