If Your Tired Of Reading The Same Old, Boring Job Postings And Are Searching For Something Better Then You’re In For A Treat.  I’m Going To Show You How You Can Actually Like Coming To Work, Love What You Do, AND Make More Money.

Here’s the bad news…I’m only looking for 2 people to fill this position in our company so this means you might have to work a little harder to get noticed among all the applicants.

Here’s a little secret for you…  If you love what you do then the money will follow.  So if its big bucks you’re after then you need to start with this premise FIRST.

If it’s more than money you’re after then you’ve come to the right place.  Money by itself is meaningless.  It’s what you DO with the money that makes the difference.   And MOST importantly it’s WHO you become that is the real value.

Now that we got that out of the way, we WANT you to make a lot of money.  And in order for you to be successful at making money, you need to have some new tools.  These are foundational tools that we’ve spent years learning and we want to give them to you.  Once you own them, they are yours to take with you wherever you go.  That is just one of the benefits we provide that NO OTHER company does.

Our training is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced that’s because we don’t work like everybody else.  For example, is this ad like any other ad you’ve already read? (I didn’t think so) Everyone else says the same stuff because they’re all unhappy people placing unhappy ads coasting though life.  They’ve got it all wrong.

So here’s the deal.  If you’re still reading this then we’re going to teach you something (even if you don’t apply).  We’re going to give you some value you can take with you now.  It’s our way of saying we appreciate you spending the time to read this post. Before I give you a few pearls of wisdom, let me explain what the career opportunity is….

What we do

We sell money.  More specifically, we help small businesses all over the county get the working capital they so desperately need to help their business.  We are the solution. You will have the personal satisfaction knowing that you helped people stay in business, grow their businesses, and help those individual business owners reach their personal dreams.  If you’ve been watching TV then you know banks aren’t lending.  But we are.

How you make money

You will earn a commission on the money that is funded to these small businesses. We generate thousands of small business funding leads on a monthly basis.  These are IN BOUND leads.  They are calling you.  It is your role to understand their needs, qualify them based on our funding criteria, and then follow up with them until the loan is closed.  There is no travel and customers do not come to see us.  Everything is facilitated by phone and email.  Sound good?

About our office

You’re obviously looking at sales opportunities because you want to be in control of how much money you can earn.  We’re very selective on who we choose to join our family. The office energy is positive.  Our office is ON THE WATER.  That’s right.  You’ll come to work every day with a view of the Connecticut River and boats in the marina.  There’s no better way to start or end your day than to have the opportunity to gaze out on this beautiful view.

Pearls of Wisdom: “What makes a great sales person?”

As promised, here are the qualities that are a MUST have if you’re going to be successful in sales. Take these jewels with you.

  1. Be persistent.  It’s about following up.  People are busier than they’ve ever been in recent history.  They forget and they get side-tracked.  The better you are at following up with people the better you’ll do.  Most people give up way too soon.
  2. Be an excellent listener.  People will tell you what their needs are if you take the time to genuinely listen.  This is the instant tool you can use to build rapport with people.  Find out what they like, their interests, who they are with genuine interest.  They will automatically be connected to you and they won’t know why.
  3. Ask questions.  What is most important to your prospective client? Find out what they REALLY need.  And if your solution matches up with their needs they you don’t have to sell.  You just have to show them that what you have will solve their problem.
  4. Be able to communicate the value of what you have.  If you’re not crystal clear on the value you provide then how can anyone else appreciate what you’re offering?  Learn your product or service better than anyone else.  And that leads to…
  5. Be confident.  Confidence in yourself and the service you provide will give you the confidence that your prospective clients can “feel” over the phone.  People want to buy from confident leaders.
  6. Be enthusiastic & passionate.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  People want to naturally be around happy & fun people.  It is proven that people WANT to buy from people they like.  You spend the majority of your life at work.  Why not make it fun?

So what does that mean for you?

If you are truly committed to being the best you know you CAN be then you can write your own check in the vocation of sales.  You may or may not have much experience in sales.  But some of the qualities you need to succeed and make money I have described above.

  1. Do you feel you have many of these qualities? Or,
  2. Do you have a burning desire to learn and become better at them?

If so, then I urge you to apply now by e-mailing Employment@MerchantAdvisors.com.  But I have one request…Don’t just send me a canned resume that we all know is fluffed up with a bunch of bullshit.  Be creative.  Show us how you are unique.  That will get you noticed and if you’re lucky, a cup of coffee at our office.  I wish you nothing but success in anything you do.

Warmest Regards,

Merchant Advisors

Visit www.MerchantAdvisors.com for more information. No Phone Calls Please! Please send your resume to the e-mail address listed above.

Base Salary + Commission: $45,000 – $75,000+ 1st Year Earning Potential, Or More (Health Insurance Benefits offered plus our invaluable training which is priceless)

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