Brand positioning is an intangible place that you as a business owner want to possess in the minds of your target customers and sets you apart from your competition. Brand positioning is one of the important things that most successful businesses have. In fact, their brands have become generic terms for all alike products/services in their industry.

Strong brand positioning is a requirement for every business looking for success. Brands with strong presence see an average 23% increase in revenue. A well-defined brand strategy should guide all aspects of it such as internal culture, customer experiences, as well as positioning.

Building a brand marketing strategy for your business doesn’t happen overnight. You have start planning on creating a brand strategy that can engage customers’ attention. Basically brand strategy is a long-term plan for your business growth and progression of a public image to achieve specific business objectives.

What Is Brand Positioning Statement?

Brand positioning statements are used for business internal purposes and guiding the business’ operating and marketing decisions. It helps business owners to make important decisions that can influence your customers’ insights regarding your brand. To be observed and fascinating to your customers, your brand’s positioning strategy must achieve three things;

Be Unique

Nothing goes well if nobody notices you. If you want to be noticed, you need to develop a powerful brand. To be unique here are a couple of ways you can follow to set your brand apart;

  • Project a different personality
  • Provide a unique business model
  • Isolate yourself from competition
  • Use simple words and phrases to describe your brand
  • Offer unique product/service

Be Attentive

If you are selling a product that can be repaired after damage, you need to offer repairing solutions. There are many businesses out there that are using the opposite way rather than offering repairing solution, they hire someone to fix the issues that will cost them more than a product’s expense. Listen to your customers what they want and what are their preferences. Set your product line according to their preferences.

Be Relevant

If you are irrelevant, you are wasting your time and money. Before turning the wheel to another direction, you need to check out the hurdles, blockages and other problems. You need to check out the customer’s interest. Perform market research to know what type of customers are ready to buy specific product, their age group, demographics and local market trends.

Elements of Brand Positioning Statements

Here are some of the elements of brand positioning statements;

  • The importance of your product/service
  • Your target market
  • Your competitive landscape
  • The promise your brand make

Why Brand Positioning Is Important?

Brand positioning strategies are interconnected with the customer’s fidelity, brand equity as well as the inclination to shop from the brand. Effective brand positioning strategy can be described as the level to which a brand is observed as positive, unique and reliable by your customers.

3-Step Approach to Find a Powerful Brand Positioning

If you are looking to create a unique and positive brand positioning, consider the following;

STEP #1:

  • Know what your customers need
  • Know your brand capabilities
  • Check out what your competitors are doing

STEP #2:

After step one, choose a brand positioning statement that will;

  • Resonate with your customers
  • Delivered by your company
  • Different from your competitors

You can also define your brand positioning statement in just three words. It is advised to not choose the generic terms as they are already used by your competitors.

STEP #3:

The last step is to use your brand positioning into your product, service, visual identity, designs, as well as your brand personality.

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Elements of A Successful Brand Positioning Statement
Elements of A Successful Brand Positioning Statement
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Thinking about growing your brand, there are few key elements you need to consider that can help in a successful brand positioning.
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