Branding is the key business element and it’s a promise you’re making and a story you’re conveying to your customers. If you want to succeed, you need to stay consistent in your story or promise and for that you need uniformity to create an effective branding.

The advancement in technology and online marketing has enabled business owners to besiege with ensuring their brand is symbolized from as many channels as possible. This had led many businesses failed. To make sure small business thrive in the growing economy, we have come up with the Ten divine rules to creating a Brand Uniformity.

  • All Social Channels Must Convey Same Message

The first rule is to make sure all social channels show the same message. Consistency among all social media pages is important. If your Facebook page says one thing, make sure your LinkedIn & Twitter profiles reflect the same information. The goal of brand uniformity is to ensure you are conveying the same message all through. A mixture of messages can lead to confused leads and business loss.

  • Use Same Color Scheme

Visuals are key elements of branding as they make things easier to remember. Many researches agrees to the fact that colors are important in defining how users react to your brand. Your market’s experience of color is very prejudiced. So instead of using jut green because it’s symbolize growth, emphasize on a color that fits with your brand and use the same consistently throughout.

  • Use The Same Font

As visuals are key element in brand uniformity, fonts are also important. The use of varying branding fonts is a mess too. Alike colors, fonts should also needs to fit with your brand consistently.

  • Don’t Exhibit To Seek Attention

Don’t just exhibit to seek customer’s attention. This can be among the biggest branding blunders and can make people sometimes uncomfortable with the brand. Many business owners often make spectacles of themselves to draw people’s attention. You can get some attention, but it won’t matter if the same isn’t blend with driving constant behavioral results.

  • Observe Your Target Market

The most important rule of branding is to observe your target market before offering something. If you force to feed market to buy something, you will only fail. Creating uniformity in your message is easy once you’re aware of your market. You can do this by surveying, reading consumer case studies or conducting market research. This way you can convey the message your target audience actually needs.

  • Show Branding Elements In Your Printing

Over the years, many businesses have focused on online marketing and completely unrecalled the printed material. The use of print material plays an important role in business success. Printing material works a good way to stand out. In addition, now business cards have QR codes and mostly enjoy getting a hand written thank you note. So, make sure your printing material have the same branding elements as your online presence.

  • Use Same Photo On All Channels

In the current digital world, people want to know everything about a business including the owner details. That’s why it’s crucial that you use the professional photo consistently all through your social media presence.

  • Take Benefit From Personal Profiles

People are less concerned about their personal profiles while branding. You will have a social media page, but the digital rules are changing frequently so little of your fans can actually see what you post. Therefore, it’s important that your personal profiles are appropriately branded with the business brand elements.

  • Use Proper Email Signature

If you’re a servicing business and you frequently send out emails, it’s better to use brand in your signature. This way your prospects see you all the time without incurring a penny. You can also use online services to ensure your email signature is properly branded with the business brand elements.

  • Be Easy-Going

Stay patient when you think of all these rules as it will take a while to test the perfect brand for your company. It’s obviously you don’t know much and it involves a lot of work. Just ensure you work on every factor so as to create uniformity in your brand eventually.