Running and managing a small business can be quite difficult. Working long hours to keep your small business running effortlessly, it can be easy to feel as if you are the only struggling small business owner. However, you are not – and assistance is available.

The irony is that many small business owners do not ask for any assistance even when there are affordable and valuable small business resources available offering expert advice and assistance. Here are five frequently disregarded sources of resources for small business owners:

  1. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and SCORE

With the SBA funding reducing, it is time to make accurate use of these small business resources even as they are still available. The Small Business Administration is not just for business owners who need a business loan. If you have never visited a local SBA office, Small Business Development Center, taken an SBA Training Program, or met with a volunteer SCORE mentor then you need to check out the range of services and offerings.

  1. Chamber Of Commerce

In some places it can cost almost $500 or even more to join. However, despite the fact that yours is expensive, most chambers will have free networking events you could go to see, and lots of them have marketing programs to help small businesses in the city. Normally it could pay a little to get enrolled. So what are you waiting for! Connect today with your local chamber through the US Chamber Of Commerce.

  1. Industry Association

It has always surprised that most of the small business owners do not join their industry trade group, which normally takes the lead in encouraging for businesses in state and national legislatures. Trade groups are also an excellent source of useful research and projecting on the current industry trends, so affiliation can give you a boost over your competition.

It is good to get involved in constructing the program and establishing events rather than joining. You definitely will learn a lot and build relationships with others in your field as well. Charges may vary; but the trade groups can help a lot.

  1. Local Business Owners

Smart business owners look around their town and find ways to team up with different local business owners, whether it is to market their small business, form a mastermind group or simply empathize over a coffee. It costs nothing to prepare for a monthly meeting with some other business owners, and many superb ideas could come out of it.

  1. Local Colleges

Local colleges can be an excellent source of entry-level job candidates, a conduit to finding interns or a place to send workers to get training on the cheap. In case your local college doesn’t provide the education and knowledge your workers need, let the educational institution know.

Many educational institutions are focused on fulfilling the local business community requirements, therefore they are available to help business like yours and ready to hear from you. They might probably design a new business course that best fit your business requirements or possibly invite you to be a speaker at a business course, helping to build your reputation and fascinate new hires.

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