Quality employees often have their pick of positions as the economy growing. So, how can a small business contend with big businesses when attracting and retaining the quality workforce? The solution is effective communication with them by featuring your inclusion culture, and mission statement. The valuing attribute of employers support the welfare of their workforce and customers, which results in attracting talented community.

Offering affordable standard benefits like health plan, 401K and paying extra time to workforce is a great way to start. To pacify the reward package, though, make creative options to make yourself attractive among the competition. The below mentioned ideas can help confront, empower and reward your workforce and also aid in their retaining and attraction.

Offer Flexibility

An admired advantage to offer your potential employees is balancing work and private time more efficiently. As some offices have five-day work weeks (8 am to 5 pm), you can accommodate your workforce by offering flexible time like four-day work weeks, or job sharing opportunities or provide telecommuting options for few days as required.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Offering growth opportunities help in personal and professional growth. This personal and professional development will not only improve their skills but also adds to productivity and job satisfaction. Put a robust staff development program in place and ensure everyone follow it. You can pay for their training classes or industry related certifications, pay for their academic tuition, or can form a mentoring program. You can also assigned different tasks and responsibilities to improve their skill set.

Identify Their Values

Valuing them privately and publicly contributes to their development and skills and in turn, gaining devotion and increased self-esteem. Introducing rewards and recognition programs is an economical and highly influential factor of the total rewarding package. Always listen to their innovative ideas and appreciate them. Introduce a system of employee’s nomination for their extra effort or quality work. If the same innovative idea is beneficial for your business, give a special bonus or other tangible rewards like a gift card, paid time off or a special “thank you” reward.

Share Money Among Them

Giving away money in term of bonuses or valued programs will inspire workforce and allow them to feel a part of your business growth.

Other Great Perquisites

Always look for other great perquisites in terms of extra-special bonus is a great way to motivate them to work harder for company development. The great perquisites can include offering pet-friendly environment, a complimentary food perks, offering transit passes, help compensate your employees’ costs, or provide an entertainment area including a game room or lounge for breaks or to relax.