The fourth week of November is a big week for small business owners. It brings Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday as well as Small Business Saturday. With so many sales event this month, you are kind of puzzled about how to select what seasonal marketing strategy you can take on. You don’t need to go all out, but pick some of the elements to your Thanksgiving sales strategy that can bring you definite sales.

Here are a couple of sales strategies for Thanksgiving that will boost your revenue;

  1. Start Sending Countdown Emails

Definitely you have no time to waste on creating teaser emails, however you can still send your customers countdown emails. Because the email sent a day before the Thanksgiving will build the anticipation. Adding a countdown timer in your emails can attract your customers’ attention and encourage them to buy from you.

Countdown Emails

  1. Provide Last Minute Discounts

You have short time and you want to attract more customers to your business, offering them last minute discounts is another best way to attract customers to your business. You don’t have to offer massive discounts, start with 20% discount offer. Check out your stock and make a list of items that you have loads of in your stock and start offering discount on them.

Last Minute Discounts

  1. Offer Special Offers

Your regular customers are your brand advocates, therefore start contacting your regular customers by emailing or messaging and wish them a happy Thanksgiving by providing them special offers. They promote your business to their friends so give them a special care and acknowledgement.

Special Offers

  1. Update Your Customers on Your Best Selling

Update your customers by sending emails and messages about your best selling products to let them know how much of them you have in your stock. Scarcity principle works well in this situation. So creating scarcity of your best selling products can increase your sales as well.

Best Sellers

  1. Extend Sale Hours

If you have missed out on the planning part of Thanksgiving promotions, you can also have a chance to cover this loss by extending your sale hours. Send your customers emails regarding your last-minute extended sale.

Extend Sale Hours

  1. Use Pop up Offers on Your Website

If your Thanksgiving offers don’t hit the mark and the visitors on your website are just about to leave, add a pop up message with unique sale offers to engage and stay your visitors on the website. Additionally, offer visitors 1-2 discount offers to attract them to buy from you.

website sale banners

  1. Use Catchy Subject Lines

Catchy subject lines attract the reader’s attention. Use the creative approach when writing emails to your customers. Use bold, catchy and lively fonts that will grab your customers’ eyes. Your subject lines should be simple and easy to view.

Catchy Subject Lines

  1. Give Thanks to Your Existing Customers

Thanksgiving is the best time to say thank you to your existing customers. Show your love and gratitude to your loyal customers by offering them free gifts or cards. Because that is the only way to build and maintain long-term relationship with your customers.

Thanks to Customers

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