Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping day in the US with millions of people, including tech lovers and mobile shoppers hitting the web for sizzling deals. Last year the Cyber Monday was observed as the biggest sales day in US online shopping history with a record high sales of over $6.59 billion. The expert says that this year the Cyber Monday will see more increase in sales.

Here are some tips that’ll optimize your retail store and improve sales for the coming festive season.

  1. Cyber-Exclusive Deals

Offering your customers with 10-15% off during the Cyber Monday doesn’t work. In order to stay competitive with your competition, you need to offer something different and unique from your competitors. For example if your competitor is offering 30% off on a deal, you will need to create a cyber-exclusive deals by offering 40% off. Alternatively you can offer 50% off for just single day.

  1. Discounts & Sales

Whether you are offering a limited time discount or a full day discount, it motivates the shoppers to buy on Cyber Monday. Shoppers who made their mind before the Cyber Monday will wait for the day to purchase the needed item on discount. Normally brands with best possible sales and discount offers win the sales. All you need to do is to promote your Cyber Monday deal well before, during and after the event. As there is a lot of noise throughout the holiday season, there is no need to mention a certain day’s deal.

  1. Use Diamond In The Rough Approach

Rather than placing a single coupon code, try creating hidden coupon codes on your website. Hide the coupon codes on your website and tell your customers to find and get amazing discounts. This approach helps in increasing online traffic to your website.

  1. Newsletter Sign up Deals

Cyber Monday is the best time for you to move the attention of your customers to your products or services. Create a Cyber Monday themed newsletter offering deals and discounts online on specific products. There are many customers who will definitely sign up for getting a Cyber Monday deal.

  1. Free Shipping

Word free usually grabs the attention of the customers first. Shoppers don’t like the products that contains heavy shipping charges. Offering free shipping service make your customers to buy even more from your online store rather than visiting a physical store. Show your customers the generosity and gratitude by offering free shipping.

  1. Showcase Products Hourly

Showcasing your products hourly means use your all product line and showcase it on hourly basis. This will encourage and entice your customers to come again and again on your website to get the best deal on products they need. Additionally, highlight the products that you have deals on.

  1. Create the Sense of Urgency

You’ve attracted your customers to visit your online store and check out your Cyber Monday deals, but how do you get them to purchase? A best way to get your customers to hit the checkout button on your website is to increase the sense of urgency. You can use the countdown timers for creating the sense of urgency. People will usually go after the products that are limited in stock.

  1. Use Promotional Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere these days so when you are going to promote some of your products online, you need to add some promotional hashtags with it. Hashtags can increase your content reach, strengthen your brand, as well as help you to target your market and more. You can use brand and campaign hashtags to promote your Cyber Monday deals. Some of the trending hashtags for Cyber Monday sales are; #SuperchargingCyberMonday, #CyberMonday, #CyberMondaysales, #CyberMondaydeals, #CyberMondaycode.

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