Whether you have a restaurant or an online business, it is of highest importance to have a solid online presence. At present, consumers usually search for information, share experiences and make many purchasing decisions online. Many online marketing activities can be done for free or at low-rate; however you must have the funds set aside to invest in marketing activities.

Following the strategies below will help you entice new customers and increase your overall sales. In case you are doing your business online, contented customers can also share the information about your small business through social media. Best of all, you don’t need a large amount of marketing budget to make an online impact. Once your business has reached a certain point and you get access to enough budget, you can constantly outsource these tasks to a marketing agency.

By following these tips you can grow your small business with minimal investment.

  1. Get Visible In Online Search

At present, any small business should have a stylish, user-friendly website. Possibly you could have the attractive website, but it won’t be of any value until it’s found by your potential customers.

Your website should be search engine friendly, this indicates that your business’ website will be ranked high in search engines when online users search for your service or product. To put it simply, the right customer will be able to find you on internet! This doesn’t cost you. Therefore, it is important to organically improve your online visibility.

  1. Your Business Needs To Be Listed in Online Directories

Every business no matter large or small needs to be listed in online listings. Without listing your business on well-known listing sites, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and some other local business directories, you will possibly lose on customer in-person visits, as well as website traffic.

  1. Create an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is a powerful tool for marketing your small business to existing and potential customers and to provide them with expedient promotions and updates. There are numerous approaches to create a strong and engaging e-mail marketing list, such as:

  • Create an interesting engaging offer on your website
  • Collect email addresses
  1. Spread Your Word through Social Media

Create engaging content for Facebook page, become active on Twitter by posting trendy content about you with hashtags, interact on LinkedIn, post your images on Instagram so you can get more new customers. The secret code of effective social media engagement is not to push your service or product onto consumers – rather interact with them, give them exquisite content, create interest and attract them to your small business.

  1. Create Interesting and Informational Content

If you’re not already writing interesting and informational content, start doing it regularly. Avoid subjects that only relate to your business. Rather write about things that attract readers. This way, your content is more likely to be read and shared.

  1. Understand Your Website Visitors

Possibly most important of all things, get to understand your website visitors. Create a Google Analytics account and observe what your online visitors are doing on your website. Where they usually are coming from. Google Analytics helps you measure your advertising ROI and track your business’ social channels. It is quite simple and free to setup and use.

  1. Get a Small Business Loan

Unfortunately, not all online marketing activities are free. There are some tools that will cost you. Therefore you will need to have some budget for carrying out online advertising, website design and some other promotions and campaigns. And in case you don’t have cash in hand for advertising and marketing activities, you can get a small business loan to cover your marketing expenses.

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