What’s a great leader? It could be a famous business icon or a politician, or may be a religious figure. It can be your boss, friend teacher or a friend. You may have come across with numerous people with leadership roles however; this just doesn’t make someone an effective leader. With a little hard work, modesty and learning, we all can learn to lead successfully. The question is, how one can become one?

Leadership is basically a learned behavior that becomes comatose and automatic over an extensive time period. An effective leader is one who is able to make several vital decisions under enormous pressure. The power of making vital decisions comes from experiences and interactions under different situation, and unanticipated downfalls.

Based on experiences and common sense, of course, we can state that the teams which generate effectual and ongoing results are the ones directed by real leaders, and not bosses.

Lack of empathy, fear of change, too willing to compromise, too bossy, wishy-washy, poor judge of character, and lack of humility are all traits of a bad leader. So make sure you don’t have one of these before moving on to become a great leader. There are 7 amazing tips you can follow for becoming a successful leader.

  1. You Need to Adore Them

Unless you have a passion and enjoys working with people you can’t just lead a team. Every person is unique and has different qualities and talents. As a successful leader, you should take pleasure in helping them out and watching them all do well. This makes a person real leader and your team to work, live and die by your side.

  1. Just Guide & Don’t Be in Charge Of

Don’t be a boss. Bosses are micro-managers and tend to control everything. A real leader knows the fact that a team will do more and achieve great results if directed and supported without control. They believe in establishing quality frameworks and solid business structure, and empower their teams to get the job done by offering guidance along the way.

  1. Be Flexible to Situations

There are situations when in a business process when bosses go very rigid to get things done, but a real leader knows that they need to have flexible personality while dealing with their team members’. They appreciate each member’s individuality, ascertain clear expectations and use flexible leadership approach as and when required.

  1. Entrust to Others

A real leader always entrust powers to others as opposed to a boss who never fully delegate anything to others. Leaders allocate responsibilities, and then let them do their job by following up occasionally to make sure their team stay on track to accomplish the positive results.

  1. Always Give Credit

A real leader understands the importance of appreciation and always gives credit to its team members. On the other hand, a boss loves to take credit for all the goals achieved. Leaders know that business success derive from their teams’ efforts and they keep their self-esteems under wraps: They highlight their teams’ efforts, and also take responsibility of their failures.

  1. Take Risk to Achieve Big

A boss is unwilling to take risk and avoid it at all costs because they fear of the seeming failure. A real leader knows that in order to achieve great success, they need to take risks. They always support change and encourage their teams to try new things. They take every mistake or failure as an opportunity for success.

  1. Always Inspire

Leaders inspire by chewing over what makes their team member do well with their highest potential, and by anticipating more from them even when they can’t. They always inspire their team members by reassuring and rejoicing every success because they know they are their teams’ biggest fans.

Becoming a great leader is a challenging experience but it’s enormously gratifying. If you act like a leader, you will get more success, your team will generate long-lasting results, they engaged more at work, they perform more and make the success dazzling. By becoming a leader, you will find a great change in yourself and your life will become relax and more satisfying.