After you have formulate your business idea and made your business plan, you need right type of funding to turn your business dream into a reality. When your ability to get funds declines to a 10-20 minute pitch to prospective investors, it is quite easy to feel anxious. It’s a stressful time for you and you have to be at your best.

Here are some tips to help you impress your potential investors;

  1. Tell a Story

Storytelling is the most effective way to engage and attract the audience. Technically, it is proven way to grab listener’s attention and hold them to memorize what you say. Furthermore, by telling your story, you can make your pitch memorable. While you are pitching your target audience through your story, the investors get all the information regarding you and your business. What information you can provide them regarding your startup with your story, no sheet can convey the same. Investors usually attracts to a pitch that has a storyline involved. Therefore, it is good to tell your story in an appropriate way.

  1. Choose the Right Target Audience

Before discussing your idea with an investor, it is suggested to know what your investor’s interests are. As a business owner needing funding, what would be the use of pitching to investors who are not inclined to invest into your product? Investors can only finance your business when they see your business at a specific level.

According to professionals, it is good to start pitching your ideas to angel investors. Your business target audience plays an important role on the subject of getting an investor to help you financially. After understanding your target audience, it is appropriate to layout your presentation in an attractive way. Set all your objectives of your business.

  1. Have a Simple yet Insightful Pitch

The presentation is an essential part of pitching investors, and most business owners go wrong while presenting their pitches. Many business owners consider that using a different language can benefit them; however this is a false impression. The main reason of the pitch is to showcase the business objectives and check how funding would help your business to expand.

Consequently use a simple language when preparing your pitch. The language has to be that easy that anyone can understand it. One more thing to keep in mind when preparing your pitch, make it simple and short. Make sure the pitch includes every important thing.

  1. Set Timelines

Businesses normally are required to work on deadlines. So, it’s way important to add deadlines while pitching. Set a few specific timelines that meet the specified length for your investors. It reveals how serious you are about getting funding for your small business. The more enthusiasm you’ve for your small business, the more contentment the prospective investors will have in supporting you financially. Therefore, it is good to set deadlines and make prospective investors know them.

  1. Be Clear About the Sales

If you are new to business and has just started recording sales, mention this when pitching to an investor. Show your possible investors the income graph and ensure that you elucidate them in a timeline. Tell them how much you will make in next six months. It shows them that you are getting sales and their investment in your business can benefit them.

After you’ve revealed about the sales in your pitch, the next challenge is to get ready for questions like how you are going to maintain your sales and alike. When an investor invest their cash into your business, it suggests that your business will grow. Therefore, your pitch have to reveal how the business will boost up the sales when the business expands.

  1. Be Courageous

The main purpose for business owners at present is to pitch to investors to get the best. However how many of them do it successfully? To pitch your specific concept to investors successfully, you need to inform them about the part of the business that has not been discussed. Let them realize that in case the potential is unlocked, the business will prosper. You have to satisfy every investor that you meet.

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6 Tips on Effectively Pitching Your Entrepreneurial Idea to Investors
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