Holiday season is the time that provides a big sales boost for many small businesses. But after the parties have come to an end, the sales often slow down considerably. It’s no wonder that 9/10 busiest days of the year for shopping are going to end in just a couple of days. Last-minute holiday shopping is so common that small businesses can’t afford to ignore the importance of expected rush of last-minute shoppers. Here are some tips to help you get that last-minute sales.

  1. Free Shipping and Discounts

Offering free shipping and discounts is a great way to attract customers and will definitely work. It help motivates the last-minute buyers to buy from you just to get the free shipping and discounts. In fact, according to recent research almost 47% of shoppers don’t want to pay for shipping costs. There are many shoppers who are looking to ship gifts to their loved ones before the festive season and the free shipping motivate them to shop from you. Offering to pick up that free shipping tab with discount for them could differentiate you you’re your competitors.

  1. Add Gift Cards

Gift cards are always great for customers who don’t know what to buy. Gift cards are quick and easy to purchase, making them a best last-minute gift choice. The purchase of gift cards during holiday season increases every year. Last year the gift cards sales reached to $150 billion in US. Last-minute holiday buyers will be pleased to see you offering gift cards, and they might even buy several.

  1. Offer a Sale

The best way to make the most out of holiday season is to offer a sale. Holiday season has no tradition behind except a chance to boost sales by reducing prices. You don’t need to decorate your store in fact you need to make sure that you know on which products you are offering discount before and during the holiday season.

  1. Present Gifts

You can sugarcoat your deal by adding gifts and reveal to your customers that you are not only offering discounts, but actually you are celebrating the festive holidays and make your customers feel that you are celebrating with them. Revealing your customers in advance about the gifts will convince them to make purchase from you. What strategy you use will highly depend on what you want to attain by offering gifts to your customers. If your goal is to make your customers happy, build trustworthiness, and spread the word of mouth.

  1. Decorate Your Store

Decorating retail store is an important factor in bringing customers through your shop’s front door at New Year. The decorations you choose will depend on your customer base and the type of products you sell. Your customers should feel that they are getting the most of an opportunity. Decorate not only your store, but if you have a digital presences, do the same for your website and social channels. You can add signage, window displays, and mannequins with holiday theme.

  1. Stay Open Later

Usually the last minute shoppers come at the last minute of second last festive day, therefore it is advised to stay open late and give them some time to find you and buy from you. It is not just extending opening and closing time of your store that can help you boost your sales; but retail stores that stay open late night will have a chance to do more business during the festive season.

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