Both small and large businesses play an important role in the US economy. Even though your home-based business may not be a lucrative business just up till now, it is possible. There are many small businesses that normally started as home-based businesses. It is at the point where the business owner set up the foundation for their potential business or also the point where business owners experience their biggest challenges. Apart from getting customers, the biggest challenge for home-based small business owners is finding the appropriate form of financing.

Here are some basic sources of funding for home based businesses;

Low Interest Rate Loans

The low interest rate loans are best funding program for home-based businesses. In case you want to get these loans to fund your startup business, first you need to have a first-class money-making business idea then you need to provide adequate paperwork evidence that your business idea is indeed a money-making and profitable after that get on with finding the appropriate funding that covers your overall business process and activities.

SBA Funding

When finding the best business funding program, you need to check SBA funding program to look for funding that best suits your business. This SBA tool will provide you details and information regarding all the loans and grants for which your home-based business will meet the requirements.

The SBA has a unique small business funding program that particularly assist small businesses, self-employed as well as home-based businesses. The program is known as the SBA microloan program. This unique program provides small amount of funding, normally up to $50,000. The SBA microloans can be used to set up, administer, and expand a small business. The requirements on these loans can be varied state by state.

There are so many advantages of this type of funding that usually accompanied with some sort of business training and guidance. This funding and training program can help small business owners who already have good skills, but they need additional help in managing their emerging small business.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

Another way to finance a home-based small business is to use home equity line of credit (HELOC). This type of small business funding program allow you to use your home equity for personal or business functions. They are the most inexpensive source as compared to other funding programs. However, they do have a considerable risk. By using HELOC, you are putting your own home at risk. In case you can’t manage the payments, or your business fails, you may lose your own home.


It’s a new funding source involves raising cash for business through a number of people. In order to get the crowdfunding, you need to have a good business idea and prove the profitability of this idea to your potential investors. You need to convince them about your business project and the reason why it deserves their financial support. You can also attract investors by offering them different types of perks into your business such as naming your product after the name of the contributor.

Credit Cards

Many home-based small business owners have used their personal credit cards on different times to pay for their business expenses. The credit cards are conventional source of business funding. However, it does bring some risks. In case you fail to pay, you could wreck your personal credit score and still be liable for the money.

Home-Based Business Loans

When banks have turned you down for your home-based business loan request, alternative lenders can help. There are so many alternative lenders out there that have various funding options. Merchant Advisors offer home-based business loans at affordable rate that can help your home-based business to grow at a quicker pace.

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The biggest challenge for home-based businesses is finding the appropriate form of financing. Here are few sources of funding for home-based businesses.
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