As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, the retail businesses are starting to stock up their inventory. For retail small businesses, the Black Friday can be a stressful time to compete with large retailers.

Being a small business owner, participating in Black Friday can feel extremely overwhelming when your industry giants are offering up to 70% off discount. Here are a few things you should do to prepare for the Black Friday Sales.

  1. Use Countdown Timer for Creating Sense of Urgency

As the customers rush into your store to get the best deals on Black Friday, retail businesses need to create a hype by using the countdown approach just to encourage the customers not to miss out on Black Friday Deals. The role of countdown timer is creating the paucity and urgency to buy the products before the end of the deal time. Creating the scarcity and urgency of your products can increase your sales. It reveals to your customers that you have limited stock. Therefore, they buy more and more.

  1. Set Loyalty Programs for Customers

Rewarding your loyal customers is also a great idea. By rewarding your loyal customers with special offers and deals, you can boost your Black Friday Sales and also attract even more customers to your loyalty program. Loyalty rewards offer best offer to buy during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It also help you to bring more new customers to your loyalty program. Alibaba, a leading platform for global wholesale trade, also offer loyalty rewards and other discounts to their customers on Black Friday.

  1. Donate Charity

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” According to this old saying by Saint Francis of Assisi, donation is the part of marketing strategy. By donating you are spreading your brand. According to the research conducted by Cone Cause Evolution, almost 85% of customers have positive image of a company who are donating charity. A company donating charity making it easy for their customers to share the good deed. Share your charity on social media so more people buy your products and share their part in the good deed.

  1. Create SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

Due to the emerging ecommerce technology, currently almost half of the shoppers prefer online shopping. The come to your website and place their order online. And for that reason, you need to have a SEO-friendly website with active shopping cart and payment process. Use keywords such as Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday deals just to help your customers to directly land on to your website. A perfectly optimized website can increase your online traffic and definitely turn into a closed lead.

  1. Be Mobile-Responsive

Because of the increasing number of mobile users, and most of the people are doing their web browsing on mobiles, a mobile-responsive website has become an essential part of the retail businesses. For mobile-responsive websites, you need to have a clearly visible contact information on it, keep customers details as limited as possible. Make your customers personal information secured.

  1. Email Promotion

Black Friday is the time for you to run an email promotion on your customers’ database. Create engaging email content with clearly visible call to actions on it. Promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals by offering discounts. Email promotion is an easy and most cost effective way of marketing and promoting your Cyber Monday deals and coupons to your existing customers.

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