It is quite difficult to believe, but nearly quarter of the world’s population uses Facebook. That’s large number of people. Even as your small business may not be selling to all of them, you can bet that a majority of the customers in your local market are using channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter regularly.

Facebook is still the most extensively used social media platform in the US, engaging almost 79% of internet users, with more than three-quarters of those users accessing to daily. Right after the Facebook is Instagram and Twitter, as well as Snapchat. 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and Snapchat reaches 53% of users beneath the age of 34.

So what you need to do to leverage social media marketing and benefit from all that traffic?

  1. Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

You have lots of things going in your mind to maintain and grow your small business. It’s difficult for business owners to find time for marketing on social media. That is why lots of them don’t, or they do it inappropriately that it’s unsuccessful.

Get the liberty to focus on your business and outsource all your social media marketing task. This can be accomplished at any level, such as:

  • Hire a company to manage your social account
  • Assign the work to an employee with social media experience
  • Hire a permanent worker, who is dedicated to online social media management
  • Hire a freelancer to manage your social media
  1. Make an Unswerving Schedule

You don’t need to post at the same time every day, but creating an agenda for yourself makes it less difficult to make certain that you’re always delivering content. In case you don’t have a schedule in place it’s easy to push the assignment off for something really important.

There’ll always be more essential activities depending on how you arrange your day. Since it doesn’t take much time to engage enthusiasts and create some posts, plan some time out each day for it. In case you don’t have time to post daily, you can schedule your posts a couple of days in advance to stay in game.

  1. Automate Social Media Marketing

The less time you spend in marketing, the better. At the same time as sharing content from around the internet is a wonderful idea, it can be time consuming to hunt down content manually. You can also automate this process with some tools like Quuu. You can also crosslink Facebook pages if you administer or like more than one. This allows posts from one page to be automatically fed to another.

  1. Curate and Share Content

Your customers follow you because they like you and what you have to offer. That doesn’t suggest they want to listen about your promotions and special offers. They will eventually track you out and engagement will drop. Your fans have other interests, so you have to find out content that caters to their interests. A fresh content can help keep the engagement up. It also tells the consumer that you value them enough to take some time to find great content for them.

  1. Engage Your Audience

Social media marketing requires interaction from each aspects. You can’t blindly post content and expect people to stay interested in you. A major part of managing your social media marketing and growing your small business is customer engagement. Take the time and make an effort daily to check your social feeds and notice in case you need to respond to anyone. Try to acknowledge as many humans as possible, answer direct messages quickly, and allow your fans to know you’re watching and listening to them. This increases the engagement which improves your odds of being seen and acknowledged.

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